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    Your probably right. I was confused by my post too when I read it. It sounded so much better in my head lol
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    I always like a man that can flame his own post. Nice work looch. Bickel is good people, he was just messin' with you. Anyway, Fuck MFL. I'm out of here.
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  3. Since you kinda eat crow here and you said you still have some MFL prop on hand I will save you some trouble bc I don't want to see anyone get hurt. Like BigPaul stated some of Ricky's Prop crippled members here and set them back weeks, there was also an issue were members were pretty sure at least one batch had a female contraceptive in it. Guys got replacements and then Ricky went MIA and some members didn't heed the warning signs and tried to salvage their gear. It ended very badly, one guy had an infection that was so severe he almost had to seek professional medical attention. Not worth the risk my friend, I would dump it.
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    I keep ending up at!
    Is that you bro?
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    This thread needs to die along with everyone who works with or for mfl. Their prop fucking crippled my legs for weeks and then left me hanging for over a month. Got replacement pack of their enanthate, prop, and for the hell of it they sent me 3 vials of cyp. At this point my cycle was already fucked. I was shut down, felt like shit and looked worss than before cycle due to missing the gym so much from their pip. I switched to their enanthate and EVERY pin resulted in golf ball sized lumps and pip for a week at minimum. I was eating ibuprofen like candy trying to justify the pain for the lb or 2 of gains which were probably just infection fluid. The cyp and replacement prop was also garbage. Who knows wtf was in it but it sure as hell wasnt dosed properly and I doubt was made sterile. The batch numbers dont mean shit in my opinion. They were probably preprinted and slapped on what ever vial was next.
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