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    Toss but there have been infections and painful pins on this gear also. Cut your losses.
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  2. jhulk

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    I have about 8 weeks worth of gear from another source but I don't know if I should jump on that, pct, or just say the hell with it and take some time off.
  3. Voltrader

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    You are 8 weeks in with some under dosed gear. You are still probably shutdown. If it was me I would jump on pct get my natty levels where they need to be it shouldnt be to bad being on PCT with the underdosed gear. Get some post blood work done in 4 weeks make sure you Hpta is good to go. Get some labmax kits test the gear you have and go at again in 6-8 weeks.
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  4. jhulk

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    I will take your advice and do just that thank you
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  5. Voltrader

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    Hey man it is never any fun getting a mediocre cycle with bad gear. It happens and it is very disappointing. So much planning and money spent on cycles/blasts we look forward to the times we are ON. Nothing worse then when a cycle has to be scrapped.
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    #7574 clear vials
  7. Wings_of_pain

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    Just throw it away man, trust me when I say I'd rather be natty than put up with shit like this. Not to say legit gear does this but I shouldn't have been stupid and forced it. Also, it wasn't a replacement, it was supposed to be enanthate, but the stupid motherfucker sent me cyp, though I don't think it would have mattered regardless.
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    Sending out gear that get people this sick? I hope Ricky and anyone else involved die in a fiery crash.
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    Crazy.. I haven't checked in for a long time and I see all this? I ran my 10 week cycle (test E) but never did my mid cycle tests. I blew up Strong and now I see all this bad gear? Guess I'm one of the few lucky ones. This really went Downhill fast
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    Lucky one just more likely you got in early. Seems to be the way to go.
  11. Bane

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    I really hate to trash hundreds of dollars worth of gear but sometimes the juice just isn't worth the squeeze! It all looks very good and clean but I think I will just have to pass.

  12. The Girl Next Door? Elisha Cuthbert was smoking hot in that movie!


    Yes please!
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    UPDATE: alright guys after waiting it out the lumps have started to cool down and aren't as warm as they were before. I *may not need to go to the hospital but I was scared for a second when I started getting pains in my waist nearby where I injected. Again, please guys don't do it unless you want a dumbass fucking lump on your ass. Just buy from somewhere else, it isn't worth the potential hospital visit, especially at how underdosed it was said to have been. Just don't.
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    arent these guys a sponsor on asf??

  15. You have been gone a while MV-1 - MFL went south in a hurry , with several casualties , me included . Bad test-prop & cyp . Underdosed tren . MIA reps/ owner . You can still find Ricky pedaling his crap over ar ASF , they are history here . Welcome back . ~Ogh
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    Guess I tuned in for the credits. I gotta admit though what I got sure seemed to work. Feels good to be back though I'm just skimming through stuff trying to catch up, seems as if they made out like bandits
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    yeah i just threw out a bunch of replacment shit. i tried a few different bottles because batch numbers dont mean shit . bottom.line my shoulder is swollen with pain and my ass looks like i have butt implants ..and my dick still wont get hard and have no appitite. i tried another lab that wa..s said to be gtg .the prop gave me
    painfull pip and was
  18. ErikR

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    i been having very bad experiences with ugl.s.......
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    I got very lucky also. Got both good batches of tp and tc with no soft peter in them. I say let this bitch die and fall to the bottom. I get pissed every time I see this at the top
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    I know we want to let this die and fall off of the board, but since the last post was just made 30 mins ago, I feel the need to SCREAM the following for those who may not read through this thread...

    Absolutely under no circumstances should any member here inject or injest anything from this lab. In case you haven't been following this thread, some of our members (including some of our most trusted members) have had debilitating conditions from using MFL products. Serious infections, impotence, nausea, discoloration of semen, etc!
    Please pass this info on to ANYONE you know who might have MFL gear, or might consider ordering it.