My current Generic GH ranking

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by mands, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. ToastEater

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    I pay $350 for Citadel and same for Saizen when I used them. For $500 I’d buy pharma. Those are Canadian dollars BTW.

    I get numb hands at 2iu. Just upped to 3iu divided am/pm and it’s about the same. Maybe a little worse.
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  2. mands

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    Yes I am on 3 iu's a day as of now. I will get bloods when I can. Just been crazy busy.

    As far as "feels" go all seems good. Liking them so far.

  3. Iron_Yuppie

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    So I’ll half answer your question, since I’m approaching it from a different angle here.

    I’m planning on starting GH relatively soon here, and the generics vs pharma question is one that I’ve struggled with. I read great reviews of generics, then I read five horror stories. So a guy like me who’s newer to that world sort of throws his hands up and says fuck it, I’ll put it off another year. That was last year. It’s been a year and I still have no sense of what my priorities should be wrt GH. Should I buy pharma, dose lower in the AM, and then add in something like Ipamorelin and mod-GRF in the evening? Should I just go all generic and hope that I get one of the ones that doesn’t cause my hands to cease working? Your question is a good one, but I imagine it’s hard to answer since one side of the aisle—generic—seems to have such wildly different potential outcomes.
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    i think that the most smart thing would be to take a shoot to the best generic you can find based on your research (Trusted feedbacks , quality/price etc) and if you get big issues with ankles/hands whatever just stop it or reduce the dose..

    Sides disappear pretty quickly... and i had extremely swollen ankles... i pressed my index finger into my ankle and a concavity of 1cm was formed... swollen hands... etc... after maybe a week everything was back to normal
  5. Boss Brady 12

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    If you can afford pharma go with pharma all day but if generics all you can afford then use them.I ran generics at first for about 2 yrs and now running seros only but ran every kind of pharma out there for last 2.5 years and wont go back to generics unless cant afford pharma because feel like get more from pharma with less sides.
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    Which is great when its available and sources that carry it are answering email . . .
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    sero isnt the only brand of pharma GH.
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    No names, except the 2 at meso who carry Serostim that we know of...Serono and 24hreup, how many other legit Serostim sources are you aware of?
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    None! I am kind of new here, biggerben69, and still feeling/finding my way around . . .


    who makes black and mauve top hGH?
  11. Logan44551

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    TP aka "The Provider"
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    There are many who carry black tops, some are not the same.... Some rate high, ace, tp etc....
  13. mands

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    I was referring to TP's and BNG's black tops in my ranking. Just to clear that up.

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