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Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by mands, Dec 20, 2018.

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    I have been digging for a bit, and Supertropin looks good but how does he prove he's actually anke bio sourced
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    Too much more info can probably jeopardize supply chain and stuff. All I can say is I'm a skeptic by nature but I've seen ample evidence to support it. And I'm not not talking lab results from some idiots on the boards. I'm talking packaging and other items in sources possession.
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    Definitely had to be because I've seen more supertropin shit comments over what GI has laid out recently.
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    Does anyone have any experience with gold tops? I recently took my first dive into GH via a source on SST. On month 3 of this generic and im pleased with what I have noticed so far, sides were really killing me in the beginning but bloating and lethargy have gone down tremendously in the past few weeks.
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    So, are you endorsing the goldtops from SST or are you asking about them? I'm confused by your post.

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  6. Trenbolona

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    Asking, it's my only experience with any GH and I'm curious as to how it might compare to some other generics. Serum blood test came back at a 38 ng/ml So it seems legit. I am currently on month 3 of HGH
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    What changes and how quick did you see?


    my opinion is the only way really to know is sending it off for testing, there’s a lot of 99.xx% with zero dimer blacks and greys around

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    The God of Hormones wouldn't be caught using such Filt! Your handle is the reason for the Filt reference. I'm friendly and speak almost daily with Ergo(was head mod but quit) and Bigsport....had a presence on GH15 for a bit.
    I was not invited and denied membership. In reality it was a foregone conclusion that I'd never make a post there. It would never have ended nicely, anyway.
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    4 IUs/day split dosing AM/PM (early afternoon). Month 1 was riddled with sides: lethargy (literally could fall asleep anywhere) , bloating, ankles swelling, hypoglycemic symptoms, etc. I jumped right into 4ius so this potentially could have been mitigated had I started with half the dose.

    Month 2 bloating really went down alot, lethargy isn't nearly as bad. Muscles are absurdly pumped and full basically the entire day.

    I'm just now getting into the 3rd month, skin is starting to look alot clearer, I had some cystic acne from masteron that has all but gone away (perhaps due to cessation of mast). Just got back from vacation where I ate like shit at least 3 or 4 days, felt like shit those days but 2 days back on track and I'm right back to where I was before I left.

    One of the biggest things I notice is that my stomach is flat and the skin has tightened noticably around it. abs are visible at my current bodyweight which never was the case being this heavy. The skin tightening is really noticable to me as my midsection has always been a weak point but is looking better and better as my time on HGH increases.
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    Haha I find that board entertaining, handle was choosen as a joke more or less. I find it hard to believe that many people over there can afford Pharma GH.
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    I made the decision to invest in some GH this year and I purchased some gold tops, black tops, and I have one blue top kit I got from a local source. I had yet to find a good and affordable source for grey tops but am very interested. I also have been wanting to try the TP Mauve tops but the prices I have found are a bit higher than I am looking for, as I've read on here that they can be had cheaper than what this source was selling them for.
  12. mands

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    Serum seems good. How are your igf-1 scores on this brand? I believe @Demondosage might be running these.

  13. Trenbolona

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    IGF wasn't what I expected, it came back at a 62. I didnt get any Bloodwork done prior to running GH so unfortunately I'm not sure where it was at prior. I am also running ralox and adex, I've read that AI's could potentially lower IGF 1 levels?

    I've also spoken to a few individuals who have stated that IGF can vary so much depending on timing, dosage, age, etc. I could get a igf test done each week and the results could be different due to a variety of factors. I'm not sure how true that is but take that for what it's worth.

    I am certainly open to suggestions if you have a viable protocol for me to get the most accurate IGF reading. I also appreciate your responses as well as from my forum lurking here it seems that your are the HGH guru.
  14. Demondosage

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    Well I know that my igf-1 levels were almost near the bottom of normal range the last 2 tests I had done, so I'll definitely be able to tell you guys what is up with the golds soon
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    What generic filt,,

    Only kidding haha, Opti’s current grays are great and prices very fairly imo

    domestic is down though

    if you look in the Russian Omni and nord source thread his jano tests on his nords from a Russian pharmacy came back at 98.xx% 0 dimer

    Optis grays are 99.xx% 0 dimer

    LOJ need to get with the times :D
  16. Trenbolona

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    These are the kits from SF on SST I presume? How long have you been on them? My igf was normal but also near the bottom range... Anything else you were taking that could have potentially contributed to this? Looking forward to hearing your review on the gold tops
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    Well that's not really a good sign but as you stated other factors can come into play with igf-1.

    My baseline is around your 62 number so even taking 2 iu's I can range from 160's to 210's.

    arimidex can actually increase IGF-1 in the short term and Ralox had no change in IGF-1 levels. This was within in women that were pre-menopausal. But, postmenopausal women Ralox is shown to decrease IGF-1 levels.

    I'm not 100% certain and maybe someone else has anectodal experience with AI's or SERM's decreasing IGF-1 levels to the extent that it would interfere with any great percentage?

    At this point it would be worth sending your GH in for testing. It's really your ultimate test.

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    No, I don't use anybody on the boards
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    I saw your thread, I'm willing to bet these are the same ones just with different labeling. From the reviews in your thread I'm having essentially the same experience as yourself and the others who have reviewed them. I'll be following along for your final thoughts.
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    You having common gh sides lol