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  1. That’s much better. Is Saizen regard d as the top of the food chain as far as Pharma GH? I thought it might be Pfizer Genotropin but that is often faked.
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    It's difficult to find lab tests of all the pharma gh, and I don't know of another measurable metric to rank them by. had a geno pen tested by jano in april 2020 that came back at 11.77mg/35.31iu in pen & 99.2645 purity, saizen tested slightly higher than that iirc but I can't find the test online. I've not seen a serostim labtest either (I was told saizen=serostim but I've no idea if that is true in an regard).
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    That's the dude. Thanks my man.

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    Is that board even running anymore?
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    Yes but pretty low traffic. A couple of old sources that were actually well respected all over the boards left a year or more ago under not so great circumstances and things I don’t think have been the same since. I think he goes by bigger ben here, he knows a lot of what goes on, maybe he chime in. I just hang out here and there and am just old, but am not real involved.
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    Thanks just wondered as i use to get over there from time to time, but wasnt sure if their addy changed as its been a while since ive visited
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    Ah, the mythical grey tops. So I guess you make no differentiation between the Anke Biopharma produced grey tops and the current TP grey tops? Because they are not the same.

    At one time, TP got his greys from the same source who was getting Anke bio directly from the factory. That relationship fell through and TP put new grey tops into inventory but didn't tell anyone. Just passed them off as the same. No disclosure, no transparency. The grey tops got famous because they were top notch Anke bio production and good quality, not because they had grey tops. A few customers noticed the new grey tops didn't match the old and asked questions. They were met with lies or deleted posts at Pro Muscle (per the usual with Rajjin there). I pointed out that TP was now getting "greys" from another undisclosed source and it was no longer the same source he'd used prior getting Anke Bio production direct. I was ultimately perm banned for this at Pro Muscle as well. TP is also top sponsor over there.

    Know where your shit is produced. Not just the color of the cap. All greys are not the same. All blacks ate not the same. TP's greys are not Anke Bio like Supertropin greys have always been (and where TP originally sourced his). This is all fact but I'm sure some of you will disagree or call me out. The PED scene is dirty game full of shady characters. That said, TP's greys are great gh as well. I'm not saying he has bad product. He wouldn't sell bunk GH. But my point remains the same, the customer is kept in the dark and any truth about it is crushed pretty quickly at PM if it's deemed bad for business.
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    Thanks for the insight (not that I am knowledgeable enough to know if what you're saying is true or not, which is part of the problem you're pointing out overall) - did the Anke test better on HPLC (TP's test on his website only go back to 2019) / would you say they were of better quality in some measurable or noticeable aspect?
  9. @mands is your list still actual?
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    The same rat/extortionist that was running around here and other boards complained and got shut down for violating terms of user agreement.
    The new url is

    I don't like the layout of the new board. I can't get used to it.

    It also feels as if there isn't nearly the amount of traffic that there once was. Its seemed this way long before the original ab was shuttered.

    I'll always have a lot of great memories of the old ab. There were some longtime, all time, great sources there.

    The first I'll mention is the the looong time ugl owned by the man who purchased the board back in 2002 or 2004. Karius bought ab as a platform to showcase ALP.
    Its been maybe 6 to 8 months(maybe longer?) since k has taken down the ALP list. Guys have been asking when he might re open.
    K says he has been putting all his effort into getting his new line of ugl gear, Caxxis, up and running.
    Caxxis has an int list that ships from Switzerland as well as a domestic to the usa list.

    Ab has also been home to Strango, Wicked, Damon, Magnum, Dictator, Defiant(dfl), Brinkkmann, Cbl, and many others.

    In the last couple of years ab has been home to some ugl's that have been busted by LE(kronus, Brinkkmann) as well as a ugl operated by a former member of LE(Dynasty).

    Hopefully ab will make its way back to its former self.
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    I also liked ab, and some of those sources i used quite a bit. I remember cbl’s board ironmenalliance, that was where I first used the dictator. It was kind of sad to see them both leave ab so close to each other. I remember at times getting a little excited to see what chavo was going to offer month to month, but the only that stays the same is sourced come and go and for the most part we don’t know the why and what. Probably best that way, at least for me.
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    Chavo(cbl) left in what I'd call the most retarded exit scam I can think of.
    I was studying abroad in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of 2018-2019 when Chavo had a big sale and advertising blitz for that sale. It was generic GH he was pushing.

    There was something peculiar about the gh? I want to say it shipped to customers already reconstituted? It was something so far out that many of the vets there thought Chavo had something new and exciting going on.
    After a few samples were sent for testing results showed there was no GH at all in any of the samples. The cordial and always available to answer question Chavo was replaced with a cocky, slick talking punk who shrugged off test results and announced his retirement while occasionally saying he would refund any unhappy customers who could prove they had purchased bunk product from him.
    His attitude was similar to adnan sanat, the Turkish scammer. Chavo said he had vip customers that he had refunded because they handled the situation they way he wanted them the open board. Spoken like a true scamming POS.
    Nobody came forward saying they were refunded. Full on scam.

    I said chavo was retarded in his handling of the exit scam because he had already invested time and $$ into product for his next business venture. He had been talking about retiring from brewing and selling aas for the last 2 years. Every month he made it sound as if the coming month would be his last with Cbl and that Sarms and other "Grey" Market and legal products were on their way.
    Chavo had been running scared ever since his former partner and Brinkmann proprietor was indicted on steroid distribution and money laundering charges a couple of years ago.
    Brinkmann had long since gone private and didn't have a presence on any forum when the indictment was unsealed.
    Chavo had been shipping and receiving out of Texas since day one. Could've been him.
    I have no proof other than a pretty good track record for sniffing out dirty pool players...but the timing of Chavos split from Brinkmann and when the feds started investigating Brinkmann is suspect, imo. This is the first time I've posted openly about my feeling on the situation.

    I just tried to log onto muscle&science to get chavos new handle he is posting under. He knows he's burnt "Chavo" and before long he'll need another handle. I've informed staff of chavos hiding out on their board possibly trying to do biz by pm. He has a handle here that he posts under. Maybe he'll stop in and say "Hi" here...cocksucker.
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    It was gh that he was supposedly getting in bulk powder and then he was manually transferring to vials, and yes it was nonsense. It was almost like a different person, very weird. GH has killed a lot of sources, I have seen many try to dabble in it a bit and it rarely turns out well, bad batches, excuses, reputations tarnished. And it was almost laughable how every month it was the same story, grab it while you can this is the last cbl... Few exit with grace. Thanks for reminiscing.
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    I am currently running Opit's grey tops and tested igf-1. I'm upping dose and testing again to see how it follows. First test was where I expected.

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    GI, may i ask where can we get Anke Bio GH in 2020 now? As in, which seller sells them. Who sells Supertropin on this forum (or others)?

    And thanks man, this is pretty good info, I also recalled that old greys were just replaced with something new and Tp was silent about it.

    Appreciate the help man
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    Supertropin source at BOP board. I'm not affiliated in any way. I don't rep for anyone. I just like truth, transparency and quality Chinese gh. I was banned at Pro Muscle for even talking about this.
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    U got banned for mentioning Supertropin? Can u elaborate?
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    Supertropin = shitt
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    That's why tp used to get all his grey top from same source. That's fact.

    It's Anke bio from factory, zero doubt. You don't know what to you're talking about.
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    I think there was (2) different GH suppliers using the Supertropin name. One was a good and other was crap if I remember correctly.