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    No. Maybe I should have. In hindsight 4ius all at once was probably not good for my BG.
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    My question was really regarding the timing as a factor in getting accurate results, which is independent of how many people have tested something a certain way. Did Mighty Mouse provide an explanation regarding this?
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    The timing is for hgh serum not igf-1 results was my understanding
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    This. I think you are confusing serum testing vs IGF.

    GH use raises your IGF. One of the tests they use in gH deficient children is IGF testing which isn’t timing dependent. Cause and effect. I have to log in and look at my baseline on zero gH but I think it’s the 140s if I remember correctly.

    I did test a brand of MK that put my IGF around 200 on 25mg a day.

    @mands would be able to clarify this further.
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  5. mands

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    As @Logan44551 and @JP1979 stated GH serum is centered around timing of test. That's not the case for igf-1 testing.

    If testing GH serum inject 10 iu's IM. Pull bloods around the 3 hour mark.

    If testing IGF-1 levels. Run your desired iu's of GH for around 2 weeks and pull bloods anytime.

  6. wildfuchs

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    First time I'm reading this, everything I've come across here, on SST and elsewhere recommended injecting 30 minutes prior so if this is correct, it's not common knowledge - is igf-1 then not pulsatory in nature but constant and such any timing intervals as recommended in the fat loss articles, pre-wo with insulin etc are either incorrect or the effect is unrelated to igf-1 levels?

    In summary, igf-1 levels, at least when interjecting gh daily, are constant throughout day and night?
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    Please link these recommendations.

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    Still waiting @wildfuchs
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    shouldnt t3 and T4 change when running hgh but ya bloods say normal?Ive noticed when i ran generics my T3 T4 didnt change at all but since I switched to seros and other pharma it has anyone know why?i never take any T3 or T4 while on hgh either
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    Good to see you’re still on Meso BG

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  12. JP1979

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    My levels drop to low normal when I run it at 2.5 to 3. If I go to 4 it drops out of range.
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    I run Serostim and take T3/T4 combo daily to keep mine in the normal range. As for generics not doing that to you, one possibility is your Serostim is pharma and dosed accurately, and the generics were not. Just a guess, but not sure what else would account for that if everything else was the same.
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  14. Saizen seems very expensive vs some other options. Is there a source that sells legit Pharma Saizen at good discounts for say 400iu?

    Man this is expensive.

    Saizen Clickeasy 24 IU
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    $155 for 24 iu... Geeez
  16. Tell me about it. That’s why I am asking
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    The only time I get Saizen is from someone that has a script so I don't pay ridiculous prices.

    There is a online overseas seller that has specials at times but can't remember his name or sit. Something like Armisquesith. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    If any old school remembers this guy please let us know.

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    Weird name yes and still on anabolicboard at this point I believe
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    saizen costs less than 4usd/iu at pharmacy price if you buy & draw from the 60iu carts instead of getting pens, which are indeed ridiculously expensive.
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    Aristamuquoh is the guys name.
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