MyoGen - The Anabolic Revolution Is Here

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  1. I placed an order about two weeks ago with these guys. Been a member here long enough figured why not try out one of the sources and this one has always caught my eye. Ordered 10 weeks worth of sust250 and their tren mix 150. After this blast is over gonna do a cruise for 8 weeks then shred up. Will post before, during, and after bloodwork and the whole 9 for everyone.

    Didn’t get any BS from them and they were quick normally took under a day to answer me back. Just a bit over a week which isn’t bad IMO coming overseas. Delivery was solid IMO sometimes my domestic source takes longer than that shit. Haha. Came in packaged nice and everything in tact as we would expect. You guys have seen me around long enough so this is no BS just purely giving a source a shot. Keep you guys posted when I start the blast.
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    Do you mind posting pics of the product? I kinda wanna see what it looks like especially with all the advertising they do.
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    All their injectables amps? The boxes look pretty nice. Don't mean shit. But they look good.
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    Wtf? Checked out their EQ for shits and giggles and it says "pct not required if used alone."

    About that...
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    LMFAO. Maybe master.on is the owner
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    Order from their website?????
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    Did I miss the revolution? Or is this more of an evolutionary process...
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    LMFAO. Instant classic!
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    They're only on step 47 of their marketing plan. You have to wait until step 65 to order and step 76 to run their gear.
  11. Yes there all injectable Amps. When I open the boxes up I’ll take some more pics and post them up.
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    Taking one for the team eh? Hope it turns out well for you!
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    I gotta ask you, what made you c bj lose this source to spend that much money on your first order? Or anyones first order for that matter? Serious question.
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    If I got a full nude 2019 calendar of Jessica I would consider an order.
  15. Yeah. I have a pretty good feeling about these guys. So we will see what happens. I’m gonna start a log once I start this blast. I’m finishing up one now. Cruising for a bit and using this to shred up.
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  16. Honestly the money wasn’t really the deciding factor in it. I had been following these guys since they came on Meso and something always stood out to me about them. I guess just their effort. It’s a 10 week cut cycle. It didn’t break the bank so if it’s a loss then tough shit on my part. If not then found another solid source to go to and be able to let others know my experience as well since there’s so many damn people that come on here and try to sell bunk shit. Nobody knows til someone tries and I don’t think too many people if anyone has really gave these guys a go.
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    What could have possibly given you a good feeling about them, which step lol?

    Ok so your going to run a log. Any discount or credit to do so.

    And dont say it's not about money. If not send me some.
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    I don't like how on their website they have tabs for Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, Instagram, etc...
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  19. I don’t get anything from them for doing so. At least not that I know of. I have a log right now for my current blast so regardless of what gear I chose to run there would still be a log for myself.
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