MyoGen - The Anabolic Revolution Is Here

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Andre-Myogen, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Very good, thank you for the clarification. Best of luck with your run brotha!
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    In their defense on this one thing, PureRawz is on Facebook and their stuff has been legit.
  4. Yes it was an international order. No stealth the pic I posted was exactly how it was shipped to me.
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    How hard is it to make ampules?
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    Not hard at all if you have the equipment.
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    But the equipment itself is pretty expensive.
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    Yeah, they poured a ton of capital into this venture.
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    Anyway I just can’t explain myself how the fuck I missed the revolution...
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    Kinda like an anabolic evolution... over time..... LOTS of time lol
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    I feel like they are trying so hard to make it this exclusive elaborate lab that EVERYBODY wants in on and it SO secretive and it's going to attract a ton of sales cause everyone wants in on it. But in reality it's taking so fucking long. Lol if they just put a damn price list up they would have a ton of sales. Shit is dumb.
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    Apparently one guy ordered from them from here and sang high praises. Of course that was only based on packaging.
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    I’m just waiting for nudes of the website chick......
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    Wtf that's the first post I saw when I opened the thread that's fuckin hilarious in a kill you an were your face way
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    Why didn’t I gave my like to this post time ago?
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    Day 462.

    The Anabolic Revolutionaries have been taking census in my neighborhood - the nattys next door were whisked away in the back of a black van emblazoned with a spartan helmet outline along the side. I've stashed my drostanolone in the sock drawer along with my canned salmon and quaker oats. My neighbors across the hall have been whispering in huddles and leering at me - I expect a knock on the door any day now. Sweating bullets and I haven't touched tren in years. Curtailing muscle loss is now a challenge with the newly imposed "gaintain" calorie paradigm - I don't know what fucking twink "gaintains" at 1700kcal but I'd love to know their 1RMs. I'm not sure how much longer I can take the rattling of vials going on upstairs. Pretty sure they're attempting a homebrew - they keep trading their milks for yams and their flat smells like fucking vinegar and cumin. My walls are paper thin so I know everyone's sex drive has plummeted - I haven't heard anyone fucking in months.
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    The packaging is really really good looking. @Andre-Myogen can you send me some empty cardboards? I feel the need of putting my dick into them.
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    Is there a domestic option with Myogen? If so, I would give it a try..

    If not, get on it!

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    Can someone gimme the TLDR? Which step of the revolution are we on?
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