New female member from Ireland

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  1. Touché ... How long have you had this profile. I like you already but we still need to make sure you don't have a dick.
  2. Hm.

    I can send you my conformation pics ;)

    I guarantee I'm all man :)
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  3. As usual Tyrone ... I'll pass my dude. One day some lonely fuck is going to take you up on your offer. Smh
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  4. I sure hope so :(

    I've invested too much money on Photoshop and erotic backdrops for it to go to waste.
  5. Dude ... I was holding back posting some shit like this...

    Shit Tyrone if you're going to PM a pic next time don't black out the main attraction. Oh shit ... You didn't black it out! Lol
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  6. It's there ;)

    I just taped it to my thigh to not distract from the gains.

    The tip starts from my calf up :)
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  7. Ozzy619

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    Like normal. Var is anabolic and not androgenic so I dont think theres an on type of feeling for most. She basically recomp'd, lost fat while gaining muscle. Her diet was and still is very clean, training with weights and cardio, both high intensity.
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  8. How come I hear 'You Be Illin' playing in the background when ever I read one @TyroneMoreGains posts? Is it me or does everyone hear it?
  9. Actually, my theme song is "Rated-R" by Redman :)
  10. Inge

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    Only have this profile since a week maybe ... well I have a dick but he is silicone and most of times in a box, waiting ...
  11. Inge

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    Cool diet is always clean too and do cardio am and weights pm. Thank you for sharing :)
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    So a guy calls the office the other day and the Gay co-worker answers the phone. The man calling calls him "sir" and he says he was offended. I said as long as you still have a wang you're a sir, and that may be better than being called a tranny.. Sounds too much like a tired granny or something.
  13. Am I gay cus I got a boner for that? :(
  14. frankonya

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    Imagining a woman with a toy? Dont think that is anywhere near the Gay realms.
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  15. Lets not forget this is a womans thread .And a classy woman it appears . We might actually have another sane woman for Meso (who would of thought ?) :cool:
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  17. Big_paul

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    56 replies on an intro? Horny bastards:)
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  18. Big_paul

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    Sorry Inge, the devil made me do it.

    Btw I'm the horniest bastard here.:)
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    haha bad Devil :)
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    Am I mistaken, I haven't noticed any women in here. We are uncouth savages. Well some of us:) not all of us. I am.