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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by WARholiday4499, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Masters Power

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    Welcome and as others have said thanks for your service.
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  2. Boilermech

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    That guy cracks me up. I personally think the pros out do the cons by far
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  3. Pimppapa1977

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    Welcome aboard Soldier!!! 10 Year Navy Sub guy
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  4. Army...
  5. Thanks tho bro
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  6. cazper

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    Love it, this guy is hilarious.
    Welcome to the board bro. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
    I know I do..
    It's become a daily part of my life learning more everyday and gettin new tune ideas from other members. New playlist for inc dec flt bench now makes me feel like an animal.
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  7. Don't get to big, those subs are tight quarters man.
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  8. Manny

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    Welcome bro! Glad to see that you're getting welcomed
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  9. Thanks bud
  10. greenddog1

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    Welcome to Meso. Appreciate your service! A lot of good info and people here. Enjoyed the video, "Spartans, what's your profession!"
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  11. Thanks bro.... mental motivation is key in this world.
  12. gr8whitetrukker

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    Yes it is. My lazy ASS skipped another workout today:(
  13. redrum720

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    Welcome to meso
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  14. Thanks man.
  15. redrum720

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    No problem your in good hands real smart dude in here