New member! Don't ever! Ever! Call me pops!

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Bigcat1960, Mar 25, 2017.

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    It sure is. As far as chick's go it is harder but I've managed to do ok. Even been banging a 28 (best year of my life lol), 36 (fresh out of sober living and screwing is her new high), and a 46 (loves my ass) yr old. The 46 yr old I met on Tinder. Try it out bro. All of them say they're not looking for a hookup and everyone of them is lying. Lol If you're looking for long term try Plenty of Fish (it's free). There's more info about you and them and you can meet some that are nice. Lots of "no way am I doing that" on there too but so what, right?
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    Welcome to Meso...

    You do know the are other forms of punctuation aside from exclamation marks right?
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    lol I will look into those!! Tks!
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    Been told that many times!!! Lol tks!
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    That's inte
    Thats intensity
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    Haha I've slept in a tent and I pitch a tent daily when I'm on test.
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    [QUOTE="Bigcat1960, post: 1883521 On the prowl! Ever see most women at 57? SMH!!![/QUOTE]
    I'm still a young buck but I've seen some fine ass super milfs!!!hahahah welcome brotha.
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    I'm still a young buck but I've seen some fine ass super milfs!!!hahahah welcome brotha.[/QUOTE]
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    Wassup @Bigcat1960 hope things are going well for you.
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    What's up pops.
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    What up junior!! Don't hurt yourself with that avatar ! Lol
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