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    kids that get their hands on these weapons, are not stumbling upon these things in their moms boyfriends laundry hamper. They are being weaponized by our gov’t. Very simple. Give the people a right, and then give them an even bigger reason why that right should not exist. The sick fucks that want to strip us of our freedoms, the very gov’t that provides us these freedoms is behind the scenes plotting acts to have them taken away.
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    Almost all these "16" year Olds have one thing in common. They're on prescription drugs. Not one normal person woke up and said hey, I'm going to shoot up the school. Everyone that's shot a school up had mental issues. And I believe those issues came from the doctors loading kids up on pills
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    this isn't happening in america, it's a false statement. School shooting are almost exclusively semi automatic events and when they're not I would venture to guess a revolver is being used. Full auto isn't even close to a common weapon when talking about school shootings
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    I agree, I feel that most people don’t know how to deal with quality problems in a productive manner. Rather than dissecting the problem and getting to the root of it and finding a solution, we turn to medical doctors not psychologists, for the answer. In their defense they don’t know how to fix the problem either, but what they do instead of say,”shit I don’t have the answer, I recommend you look elsewhere, they dive right in and act as if they do have the solution and attempt to treat the symptoms. Sorry doc, but there isn’t a single or combo of pills you can prescribe me to help me work through the fact I have been ripped out of my bed and taken into my bathroom and had a gun placed against my temple. But yet the doctors love to try. A lot of the time we don’t hear that the medication make the troubled individuals more troubled because instead of allowing someone who might have made a few poor decisions in their life the opportunity to make better decisions in the future, we heavily medicate them and then when they are under the influence of the medication and make more bad choices we think that they are still troubled when the reality is the medication was the catalyst in the newly port choice made. Also the doctors would then be partially to blame, AND WE CAN’T HAVE THAT ? ? Another prime example of a failed healthcare system. Sorry for the ramble, I hope I made sense
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    Misread your post, but I still think an argument involving full auto shootings regarding schools is a moot point. It doesnt happen.

    Here is a link that show mass shooting stats in America. The idea that school mass shootings are on the rise is entirely false. When you take a step back and look at the incidents that happen today in comparison to the past I would argue the assailant(s) are more sophisticated in their game plan. Mass shooters are evolving

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  6. Why does stuff like that only happen in USA?(in my opinion its mostly drugs+easy access to guns) I didnt say its on the rise because, I watched Bowling for Columbine and it was made 17 years ago, it was bad in those years too.

    The reason for 2nd amendment gun rights was to arm paramilitary to avoid invasion by foreign force. Now as USA is a superpower, I think it shouldn't keep on with that old law. I myself have 2 licensed rifles but I am against easy access gun laws, dont know how that happens :)
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    What type of rifle do you have.
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    my honest opinion? Because parents can't (or maybe just dont want to) parent like they used to. When kids are raised with no parental structure, discipline, boundaries and fear they tend to end up out of control. America has developed a culture that embodies a lack of parenting imo. Or maybe a better way to phrase it would be that America has created a culture of parenting laziness and avoidance.

    I'm sure there are other factors that drive a mental state of school shooters like bullying, drugs and I'd say media as well. Strong parenting skills are the 1st line of defense from these outside factors.

    I know you didn't bring up the frequency of school shootings, I kind of went down a rabbit hole. The gun argument pisses me off because the guns aren't the issue in my mind. America has had the same weapon technology for decades but the shootings are a relatively new issue. Why? I believe it to be a societal problem rather than a weaponry issue and if I had to start somewhere regarding a "potential fix" I would start with who has access to the guns and how gun owners control their firearms after they posses them legally. Most of the time a legally owned gun is used in school shootings and the access to the weapon was part of the problem. If a gun owner has their gun taken and used to commit a crime like this then maybe the owner should be held accountable for not having a properly secured weapon? Gun control is a debate that needs to happen but reality also needs to be held onto. Driving policy based on fear alone is a bad road to travel
  9. This
    And this:

    And some air rifles etc... But none have groove.

    I think they shouldnt have let me buy these too. But they let me so I bought them :)
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    This is exactly the problem. We are seeing a failure of the parental/family unit. We’ve “evolved” from a society where a single wage earner was adequate to support a family to one where it’s a almost a requirement to have a dual income in order to get ahead and as a result we’re seeing parenting failure/lack of parenting and the results. There’s a lot else that goes into it but what I consider the front line defense has/is failing.
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    Not only to “avoid invasion by foreign force” but to protect ourselves from a government that turns on its own people.
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    Those 16 year olds aren’t getting them legally though - big difference.
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    Why? Because they’re false flags setup to disarm us by setting up these “massacres”
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    They kept lots of "ledgers". It would not have mattered much even if they didn't have a website.

    NDG had a ledger of all the shipping records for their 10,000+ customers. Investigators obtained this.

    NDG had a ledger of all the bitcoin payment records for their customers. Investigators obtained this.

    Although I can't be certain, NDG, like practically every other domestic and international source, most likely kept customer email records for months and/or years.

    They were fucked on any one of these customer databases. The ability of investigators to combine these three databases provided an incredible amount of information about their business and customers, far above and beyond anything need to convict them.

    And that is all before you even consider the website...
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    So Hulk Body Labs (Joel Pasternak) told the IRS and DEA all about his business and financial dealings with Next Day Gear back in July 2015 following the Hulk Body Labs bust.

    Now if NDG appreciated the potential legal liability exposed by the Hulk Body Labs bust, would it had made a difference if they closed shop in 2015?

    Maybe NDG assumed Hulk Body Labs wouldn't rat them out when they were busted. But would it had made a difference if they closed shop in 2017 when it was revealed as a fact in court documents?

    Should NDG customers have seen the writing on the wall when I made this post -- Hulk Body Labs Exposed EROIDS to DEA and IRS Special Agents -- in September 2017?

    Given the ultimate downfall of NDG, should anyone give any credence to Hulk Body Labs allegation to DEA/IRS agents that NDG owns Eroids? Or should this be completely discredited?
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    You are onto to something here. I think the primary reasons why steroids are a focus, independent of other recreational drugs, of law enforcement is due to the political influence of USADA.

    USADA is aggressively pushing cooperation with law enforcement to catch "dopers" and LE has frequently shown it is willing to reciprocate with information sharing.

    I suspect that investigators most likely shared the USPS shipping records from the NDG bust with USADA investigators to search for athlete names that are registered in their testing pool (or even athlete names in professional sports for which USADA would like to court business).

    How did the NFL player name come to light? Did LE find it? Did USADA find it?
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    In addition, USADA aggressively pressures athletes who test positive for banned PEDs to provide "substantial assistance" in order to receive a much shorter suspension. USADA wants them to rat out their trainers, coaches and/or other athletes. But USADA also pressures them to reveal their PED suppliers. I guarantee you this information is passed on to law enforcement. And a USADA-driven inquiry into a steroid source is more likely to be taken seriously by LE.
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    Jon Jones is most recently guilty of doing this. It's in the public paperwork that he cooperated on a level that implicated more important people than himself (read as trainers, suppliers, sources etc)

    It's in black and white that Jon Jones snitched out numerous people simply because he himself failed a doping test.
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    Nobody likes a rat.
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