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  1. rutman

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    Received a few kits of Mauves recently and shipping was as fast as advertised and the transaction went smoothly. First time for me running the Mauves.
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  2. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    So do you have TPs current batches? Also do you carry the orange top?
  3. Tiredandhot

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    Might want to email him, he hasn't been active in 2 weeks. His email is in first post and he's quick to respond too.
  4. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    Yea we’ve talked, I told him I’d bring his post up, page 3.... so far away lol
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  5. Mac1056

    Mac1056 Junior Member

    Is this guy still around? Placed a order and haven't heard anything.
  6. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    He’s active on email, and pm board, maybe not here at the moment but he’s around.
  7. Mac1056

    Mac1056 Junior Member

    Yeah he hit me up. Thx brother
  8. NextDayHgh

    NextDayHgh Junior Member

    guys...sorry for not being active

    a few guys have emailed me and ordered... They told me I need to start posting here and letting everyone know we're still in business and that we have the new batches

    Yes, we have the new Mauve batches... getting more blacks in too, but we now only sell the new batches which are more pure than previous batches

    I don't like to post just to bump my thread, but I do realize that I have to start posting here, so every day or every days I'm gonna post. I might just say 'hi, in stock," but I'll be active. Thank you for all the support

  9. Mac1056

    Mac1056 Junior Member

    Had a great experience with this place. Fast. Sent funds on a Thursday and received my pack the following Tuesday. Quick and easy with great communication received black tops batch 72.
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  10. NextDayHgh

    NextDayHgh Junior Member

    thank you.,mac

    New batches are still in stock and at a nice price...and very quick. i'm going to keep up my posting over and stay active. thank you all for the support

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  11. TNotch347

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    @NextDayHgh just mauves for now or blacktops as well?