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  1. Yeah, but isnt it only 10iu?

    Compared to batch 71 Mauves at 12 IU with higher purity and 0 Dimer?

    10 Dollar price difference wont kill the bank
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  2. TNotch347

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    Very true, lol.
  3. NextDayHgh

    NextDayHgh Member


    sale on blacks for the next few days

    and now have the yellows in stock

    orders arrive to you in 2 days:)

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  4. Mac1056

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    Thx brother another quick and easy transaction.
  5. baddaddee

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    Recently made 2 transactions, Mauves and blacks. Both went smooth as promised.
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  6. movingiron88

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    Dumb question. Are they the same as what TP carries?
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  7. Mac1056

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    Yes ,they are the providers products.
  8. movingiron88

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    Thank you
  9. Munky

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    I keep thinking the logo reads next day high lol
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  10. NextDayHgh

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    I haven't posted in a while, but I'll be updating my list soon with new prices.... As soon as this happens, I'll be posting
  11. rutman

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    Anybody ordered recently?
  12. rutman

    rutman Member

    You still around?
  13. Ultrafast

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    I tried to order on Nov. 23rd. Never got a response.
  14. rutman

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    Gotcha... a buddy of mine placed an order and hasn’t heard anything either
  15. Mustang_18

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    He is still around as he updated a thread on another board saying he will start taking orders in the new year. Said he had stock and would try to catch up on all emails. That was last I heard and not sure if he’s started taking orders yet or not.

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  16. JohnnyD

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    He’s back open and shipping again, received an order this week. Glad to see him back
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