Nordic Fusion Labs CDN UGL Pics/Review by: Juced_porkchop


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The labs on this site are all solid for the most part. The canadian ones other than transgender pharma

That recent bunk test has me feeling there is some truth to that name... Have I forsaken the lifting gods by trying them? May our father who lifts in heaven, holy be thy gainz, grant me this day of mercy... wheymen


I had a bud try their last testogel they discontinued. He said it was great. Only reason they got rid of it was faulty pump I think. Id like to hear someones input on the new stuff myself


I didnt personally do it. He ran it at 1 pump (50mg) a day and he said it worked well for trt. would be similar to running 300mg a week id think. Im not sure how much is actually absorbed trans-dermal

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