Onset Of Effects Of Testosterone Treatment And Time Span To Maximum Effects

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    What is average dosage and frequency's for HRT?
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    I'm going on 9 months of trt at 200mg per week. My most recent labs were a bit of a scare as I've never been above 200 total chill in my life but now just cruising at 200mg per week for 9 months I'm at 210.

    I'll keep in mind giving it the full 12 months to see what my lipids look like then but I def want to add other compounds like tren, win, var, primo at some point to run cycles but what else should I be doing to control that number.

    Other than diet
    Other than increased cardio
    Supps are;
    Krill oil, niacin, coq10
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    Although there is considerable individual variation THIS study should be thoroughly reviewed and understood by anyone using or contemplating the use of AAS or legitimate TRT, as its practical applications are immense !

    Excellent 5K post @Michael Scally MD
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    Great info. Thanks!
    I have been on TRT for 2 years and saw similar timeframes for improvement. The problem is keeping the improved benefits going. Sex drive and function was the first thing noticed but that also changes quickly and frequently . I've had to adjust dosage several times and have add an AI to my regimen to keep feeling good. I do regular bloods and my levels are different each time. I am finding it is very tricky to keep my hormones at the ideal levels.
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    The dose required to maintain PHYSIOLOGIC TT levels, while optimizing "benefits" and minimizing side effects.

    Knowing the "average" adult male secretes roughly 50mg per week of TT
    provides a baseline for initial therapy
    in many cases.
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    testosterone Therapy Improves Erectile Function and Libido

    PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are common complaints in the older male population. Recent studies have elucidated the role testosterone therapy (TTh) can play in men with low testosterone levels.

    The aim of this review is to provide an overview of these findings and the utility of TTh. We specifically examine the role of TTh on erectile function, coadministration with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, and libido.

    RECENT FINDINGS: Recent publications suggest that TTh improves mild erectile dysfunction, though may be less useful in men with more severe erectile dysfunction. In men unresponsive to phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and with mild erectile dysfunction, TTh can further improve erectile function.

    TTh has also shown consistent benefit in improving libido in men with low testosterone levels at baseline, with no additional improvements once testosterone levels are normalized.

    SUMMARY: The available literature supports a role for TTh in men with low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, and low libido, with symptomatic improvement in these men.

    Rizk PJ, Kohn TP, Pastuszak AW, Khera M. Testosterone therapy improves erectile function and libido in hypogonadal men. Curr Opin Urol. https://insights.ovid.com/crossref?an=00042307-900000000-99261
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    Traish AM. Benefits and Health Implications of testosterone Therapy in Men With Testosterone Deficiency. Sexual Medicine Reviews. http://www.smr.jsexmed.org/article/S2050-0521(17)30119-1/abstract

    Introduction - Testosterone (T) deficiency (TD; hypogonadism) has deleterious effects on men’s health; negatively affects glycometabolic and cardiometabolic functions, body composition, and bone mineral density; contributes to anemia and sexual dysfunction; and lowers quality of life. T therapy (TTh) has been used for the past 8 decades to treat TD, with positive effects on signs and symptoms of TD.

    Aim - To summarize the health benefits of TTh in men with TD.

    Methods - A comprehensive literature search was carried out using PubMed, articles relevant to TTh were accessed and evaluated, and a comprehensive summary was synthesized.

    Main Outcome Measures - Improvements in signs and symptoms of TD reported in observational studies, registries, clinical trials, and meta-analyses were reviewed and summarized.

    Results - A large body of evidence provides significant valuable information pertaining to the therapeutic value of TTh in men with TD. TTh in men with TD provides real health benefits for bone mineral density, anemia, sexual function, glycometabolic and cardiometabolic function, and improvements in body composition, anthropometric parameters, and quality of life.

    Conclusion - TTh in the physiologic range for men with TD is a safe and effective therapeutic modality and imparts great benefits on men’s health and quality of life.
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