Penile shrinkage, atrophy. What causes it?

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    Im a new member here and have the same issue. I am constantly in the cold, shrinkage state as if I just came out of the cold water. Penile shaft is always tight, balls are either up inside me or the scrotum is fully shrunk. Often when I get an erection its in the shape of an hourglass for a few minutes as if there is constriction there. I have been to 3 urologists and 2 regular Dr.s and they all blame it on my low T. I get on TRT and it makes no difference. I have not checked my DHT but my thyroid and estrogen are all in the normal range. Anything else to look for?
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    Before TRT I turtled hard - after starting TRT I'm swinging like Johnny Longcock. TRT did make my testes atrophy but now with hcg I'm hanging low.

    For me to be "normal" looking below the belt I need test and hCG - which shouldn't be a surprise....
  3. D12

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    How long did the atrophy last before you began therapy and were able to get back to normal? Were you atrophied for a few months, years?

    And aside from looking normal, did normal function all work as well?
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    So did your guys penis size come back to normal after trt I've been on clomid for over a year now and still haven't regained my old size , my thyroid levels were high I'm been told I might have hypothyroidism, haven't gotten my dht levels checked ( I impropely used a steroid by the name of andractim) and I might have adrenal fatigue if that plays a factor still awaiting results

    My t levels my last test was in the 600s though still my size isn't back to it was, I'm still gaining weight , and my mood, energy levels, and sex drive aren't even close to what they used to be when I was 21 its been almost years and now I'm 24

    So do I need to get all my hormones balanced out and then my size and everything will return back to normal?
  5. D12

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    Not sure on your question... I'd like to know that as well. How long before things get back to normal or if things have been atrophied for so long that there becomes a point of no return? That is what scares the hell outta me..
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    You and me both my friend though I'm not a 100 percent sure though didn't susmani cure his issue?
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    Well went to another useless endo for me. I wanted my thyroid treated its been tested at 4.50 miu/ml out of a reference range of 0.40- 4.00 and my first thyroid test was even higher though these drs they don't want to treat why I have no fucking idea, I have loss of penis size, no libido, loss of muscle mass, don't sleep worth a shit anymore, major weight gain went from 150 with lots of muscle to 215 without the muscle, loss of body hair I believe, excessive sweating at times, no energy and my testosterone levels are in the 600 from clomid, but yet these so called professionals don't do shit. Also want my dht tested I took a dht gel andractim soon afterwards starting seeing lots of problem I been too 2 endos and shoot 4 or 5 Uros and not one has tested my dht. Why I have no fucking idea. Bottom line thyroid and dht I feel are my main issues here, and I don't want to go on androgel or anything of that nature
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    I hear you on the doc problems. I don't understand why more won't listen. I got my DHT tested awhile back, but I had to push for it and the doc went ahead and did it. (It was slightly low).

    Of course, it didn't lead to any treatment, but at least I know a number. Only thing I know to do is try to find another doc who will order the test or order it yourself from some mail order place. Maybe some other guys on here might know a reputable place to order the tests from. If so, you could order whatever you want yourself, as long as you are willing to pay for it, and then take those results with you when you visit docs.

    It is frustrating though, and it makes you want to give up on docs. Since, you have to make a new appointment and see a new guy without knowing if he will be just as useless as the previous docs you've already wasted time and money on.
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    Yeah I'm probably going to order that dht test and an hgh test, thanks for the advice I appreciate it
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    Hello my names searay and I have a small penis!
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    anyone still having this problem may want to look it priapus injections

    I have not had them yet though they sound very good if you find a dr who does it

    also people are saying hgh regrew there testicles and I think a guy even said on here his penis after trt would clomid have the same effect it hasn't for me on the penis and I'm not sure for the testicles and I'm mad at myself I had the chance to get on hcg instead of clomid today and I said no, though after reading some posts it appears as if I made a mistake
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    The shrinkage or loss of normal erectile function and size, is a results of significant changes in the nitric oxide neurotransmitter and also adrenergic dominance is likely. What this means is your sympathetic nervous system is dominant (adrenaline,NE, dominance), and your parasympathetic nerves are losing function, of which Acetylcholine, Nitric Oxide control).

    Dihydrotestosterone levels maintain normal erectile function and increase nitric oxide locally, having a proper amount of estrogen (not too high or too low) helps to maintain proper neuronal nitric oxide (the kind that triggers libido and non contact erections or mentally stimulated erections).

    What happens too is your SHBG can get elevated and reduce free testosterone, leading to less conversion into both DHT and Estradiol.
    This blunts 70% of the muscle building benefits of testosterone and certainly your nervous system capacity gets a traumatic blow.
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    Ya the shrinkage happened to me when i stopped my thyroid replacement (T4). Only lasted for a couple of weeks until my own thyroid kicked back in.

    BTW during the couple of weeks while i had shrinkage i was getting nocturnal erections and had a sharp increase in strength at the gym.

    I read somewhere that it was due to my body temperature being low and my penis/balls being retracted by my body to keep them at a higher temperature. ie like after a cold shower.
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    I understand about the SHBG and its binding effects, but where did you get the info about neuronal nitric oxide and neurotransmitters? I've take prescription drugs for seizures and since my docs changed my meds around, I've had all kinds of sexual issues that my docs can't seem to figure out (libido, shrunkeness, etc), but my hormone levels they check are seemingly normal. I'm wondering if you can steer me toward some research that speaks to nitric oxide and neurotransmitters and how that is determined, so I can see if it might apply to the brain drugs I am now taking and possibly use for discussion with my docs.
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    Which anti-seizure drugs specifically are you on currently, and what have you taken in the past. What are all the drugs you are currently taking?:)

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    Well I'm going to look into the neurotransmitter angle tomorrow I used a dht gel improperly and my dht was low(I take armidex 1 pill a week and it helps a bit with libido though not like things were before

    The brain and neurotransmitters ( or sexual exhaustion) make some sense to me so I plan on looking into that with my dr

    I used andractim improperly and masterbated a lot while on it , and haven't been the same since there's got to be a connection somewhere in all this
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    Lose body fat and buy a penis pump. I have a tiny flaccid cock. testosterone, even hcg & clomid help make me horny enough to have a semi-hardon. You could also take a cialis every morning....
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    Hi all,
    Posting something after a very long time since I have been healthy all along and most of the credit goes to this group and Dr. Crisler's group. I am back here since I started see some weird symptoms. For last one month or so I am having real hard time to ejaculate during the intercourse. Please keep in mind few years ago when I was not healthy I was having very bad PE which disappeared after couple years of hypothyroid treatment. I am in normal range and my T4 is close to 1.0.
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    I second the penis pump. I bought a Bathmate HydroMax pump ages ago and I gotta say, for 48 hours after using it my flaccid size is more than 50% larger than if would normally be. It also helps give you better, easier, stronger erections. I highly recommend getting one, they are fun to use you get to watch your dick swell to epic proportions in seconds.

    Some say with months of use you'll get permanent size gains. I do think my girth has permanently increased but I'm not measuring nor am I using the pump religiously on a daily routine basis.
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    I'm glad this 7yr old thread was revived its hilarious!!