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  1. Docd187123

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    What you're not getting is that the guy must have failed hooked on phonics if he can't read that many pages in a year lol
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  2. stayinalive

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    Grey is a pharma shill,that's why he always gets extremely defensive when someone says something wrong abut them. Lots of people are pissed at pharma right now,easy to see across the board. Maybe grey gets the "good" stuff from pharma and we get the bs gear. Something is not right and hopefully I am wrong but pharma/basic have ALOT of explaining to do.
  3. TRT

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    I've read 100 pages in a sitting easily and is more entertaining then any book you could read. That's just pure laziness right there. I've found some of the most valuable info in the middle of a useless thread. There's no excuses.
  4. Docd187123

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    And you're the idiot that thinks they lost 20 whatever pounds of muscle in a week lol
  5. ThinkTank

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    TLDR; Pharmacom products are smooth, and work. INTL is cheaper, DOM is more expensive. Both Darius and Frank are reliable and on top of their game.
  6. grey

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    But that's how he feels... He identifies with it... no objectivity required.
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  7. stone988

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    Sorry guys, I like to spend my time training, eating and having a life, not living my life on a forum jerking off. Yea make a new thread whenever the fuck you want!! Dont listen or let any of these librarians tell you what to do! A lot of you dorks remind me of that table at school where all the nerds sat at.. Please ignore me its the tren! lol
  8. Docd187123

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    Yet you're still here, jerking off and crying nonetheless.
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  9. stone988

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    And you are doing what? no picture no nothing just another ass clown online!! Post some pictures of your successes or shut the fuck up!
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  10. grey

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    He's the guy lifting trucks off old ladies and contributing actual community content.
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  11. Johne71

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    Would you like a picture of the Bachelors Degee, Doctorate, or the Audi? are you measuring success? Doing roids and building muscle? I'm not that infatuated with the male body, nor crave approval ratings by other guys. You see many gals on here throwing themselves at avatars?

    Time for a new thread, or is this one fun yet?
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  12. Docd187123

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    I'm the one that can find time to be Meso's online librarian, work, and read long threads. Lol. You know, the same set of tasks that you can't do...Most of us aren't mentally challenged so it doesn't take much effort or time to read...

    I guess the irony of you saying you don't live your life Online on forums yet asking for pics on a forum to judge someone's success is lost on you. That's ok, the rest of us can get a laugh at your expense.

    I realize this is a pretty long post so I'll expect your response in a few weeks after you've had enough time to read it over.
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  13. Daveanthony

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    everyone on this forum is so miserable
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  14. stone988

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    Funny how most people who have no size, strength or any form of muscle are experts. Degrees mean shit in the gym, on the platform or on stage. lol
  15. johntt44

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    You know who has size, strength, or muscle by them not having an avatar? There are a lot of similar threads on here though. Your avatar looks good but how do we know it's you(I'm sure it is). For all we know,you could be a 400lb woman but you still could be knowledgable.
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  16. SteroidsBro

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    I just don't get why dudes use selfy-avatars when they're not swole or shredded. Why in the fuck?
  17. Docd187123

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    Funny how most people who are as dumb as a brick are the ones harping the most about degrees not meaning shit. If your body image and self esteem is so poor that this is the only way to retort someone then maybe you need another hobby or a dog. Maybe even a plastic vagina lol
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  18. jJjburton

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    This is probably can guy also, He prob has 100's of usernames on here.

    But this guy has 14 posts. He means nothin here.
  19. jJjburton

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    This is your second post. geez.
  20. stone988

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    I am now a 389 lbs black women, I just took a massive shit! Guys we are on a steroid forum, talking about illegal drugs, oh fuck this is a thread about an illegal manufacturer and distributor. Everyone isnt here for the same reason but dam if your risking taking gear and aren't big, ripped or strong that's on you. Any fuck tard can be a google warrior on any subject. If your Obama phone doesnt have a camera sorry for you. If you cant post a picture or dont want to thats fine, dont get mad is someone says your full of shit.
    If we were talking about getting real thin would you be more inclined to listen to someone thin and lean or a fat fuck? I like to back up what I say. And anyone who is a real MD and is on here posting has got to be out of their mind.
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