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They prolly just ran out of stock bud . Since ure from the US why not order domestic.
Being out for for a few weeks I can understand but it’s actually been three months or longer. Yes the domestic store is an option but with the test C being almost double the price, it is an absolute last resort for me.
Being out for for a few weeks I can understand but it’s actually been three months or longer. Yes the domestic store is an option but with the test C being almost double the price, it is an absolute last resort for me.
I hear ya on that, but the way things are right now, if pcom is the lab you want to run, then you almost need to not even look or compare the international prices.. Buying domestic, gives you peace of mind that you will get your pack, and not have issues. The way seizures are right now, even with one free reship, you may not even get your pack at cheaper price could be irrelevant. Just my opinion, I know some people are still receiving packs, but a lot aren’t. So I just think domestic is becoming necessary option for pcom.
Also, I’m not saying it’s a pcom issue, but I had a couple packs make it intl without any issue recently (not pcom) but they seem to be having a lot of people complaining about seized packs.. could just be because they do more business than mostly everyone else, I don’t know. It just seems to come up more with pcom than other sources, but I don’t know why that is.
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I am just checking in. I will reply to PMs real quick today. But I am traveling (road trip) and may be unavaliable for a little while.

Just a reminder: to contact the source directly for acocunt, order, or any private (sensive data such as your address or payement etc.) issues use the "Contact Us" form on the source's website.
Some more details about using the "Contact Us" in the quote below:
Tip/Advice for everyone:

For specific account and order related inquiries please use the "Contact Us" form on the Basicstero website for the most direct and efficient communication with the company's customer service.

***Be sure to check your spam folder after contacting customer service because in the past some people complain they did not get a reply when in fact their email service filtered the reply to spam.

Board reps, posts, even PMs are not as efficient nor direct - may get overlooked or take time to be relayed to the appropriate personnel.
This is a big World-Wide company; Reps/PR/Marketing people are mostly busy relaying information/news/announcements and may not even have the ability, access, nor authority to see private account and order information.
(it is a good thing though, that the company only allows specific person ability to access private info for customer security reasons :) ).
Also, please, for your own safety never state any personal information in a public post.

The "contact us" form is the most direct form of communication regarding accounts and orders.

NOTE regarding tracking (which is a common inquiry I see daily across various boards and PMs):
In my experience, usually tracking is NOT uploaded until a pack leaves the warehouse country and passes outgoing (origin nation's) customs.
In my opinion this usually takes approx a couple weeks for intl packs.
Please be patient and try not to ask customer service for tracking info -- tracking will be uploaded to your dashboard when it is available and authorized to be given out.
A source has no control over the postal service nor if packs are accurately scanned/updated within the postal system (once the pack is shipped, a source can only see what tracking shows you -- just like if/when you mail something to someone).
Keep in mind you can check the status of your order on the Basicstero site by loging into the warehouse where you placed the order and navigating to your
dashboard >> orders >> select the order you would like to see.
IF tracking has been uploaded to your account it will appear there in the order details section.

NOTE: Looking for additional advise regarding your cycle, PCT, blood work interpretation and so on?
Our specialist can help you:
Please do not use this email for orders related questions; they will be ignored.

I hope these tips and info are helpful :)

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Each milliliter of PHARMATREN 50 contains 50 milligrams of Trenbolone base.

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