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  1. I am hopeful he will be competitive with Darius pricing. Otherwise I will take Darius and ship internationally.
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    This is the first gear dealer I have come across thats branding themselves like mainstream companies.
    Whomever is doing the marketing is doing great but I am not sure they need to do all this.
    Create a good product
    1 page list
    Respond to customers promptly
    Ask for feedback
    Thats it in my opinion.
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    Just curious...I've heard of this lab and everything but has anyone had any dealings with them? I mean has anyone done a full cycle with just this company's products? Has any bloods or labmax been done? Just because this company has been around for a little bit doesn't mean they are G2G. I would encourage everyone to use caution....


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  5. Genghis K.

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    Frank, the medallion is nice, but I think it means more to someone closer to Pharmacom than any of us are. Or perhaps in other countries medallions are a bigger deal than in the states? It could be a cultural thing.
    What means something to us? CLEAN, fairly priced, as advertised, LEGIT products and consistent, polite and responsive customer service. If you TRULY focus on these business will eventually overwhelm you.
    I'm only one voice; however, I say you keep the medallion and just focus on business.
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    For some reason I picture Frank looking like Nikolai Volkoff.
  7. Anat

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    Hi. I know that in shop that works in Russia there is such a brand as Balkan pharmaceuticals. Do you plan to sell BP in the US?
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    Yeah, I'm not much into jewelry myself. Don't get me wrong it's cool, but I'd much rather win a bottle of test.
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    Agreed. All true.
    I think all the medallion banter is just for fun. No disrespect to Frank but I don't think anyone really wants it. If you want to promote your product, raffle product and let people try it. But do it openly so no one looks like they're shilling.
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    Guys I talked alot of shit earlier on these guys and I still have not ordered from them but I have been talking via email with them and I must say they really seem to have there shit together. It does appear you will end up paying more for the luxury of domestic gear but I think for some people that is an acceptable fee considering the lower risk. The other thing I like is how they are not trying to step on dariuses toes and becomes just another alternative to order. At any rate I think as soon as the long esters come in I will take a run at em.
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    It sure sucks when paypal suspends accounts for any reason they see fit and freeze the funds that happen to be in it at the time. The cash isn't accessible to the owner of the acct for a full 6 months.
    I've read horror stories of homes going into foreclosure and lights being turned off. PP is like God. When they decide to drop you they will do so and hold your cash for 180 days and there isn't anything that can be done about it. We agree to it when we sign up to use it.
    There are ways to use pp anonymously. There are forums out there dedicated to teaching guys how to go about protecting themselves. It has to do with the acct's and cards that the pp account is tied to.
    Do you have someone that knows the ins and outs of pp? Or are you just wingin it?
  12. TheNeWkID

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    The above about pp is terrifying!!!
  13. paulietuck

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    Agreed! There will be times through paypal you just wont be able to send funds at all to a specific acct Phamacom. Had this happen a while back for no particular reason. had avail credit/funds but paypal just randomly assumed the place i was sending it at the time was not secure enough...
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    ahahah. Man, you made my today! )))) Let`s make meso members imagine me as this guy, i like it.:):):)
    No, now we do not have such plans. Later probably. No we have to provide the full range of items for cycles, especially pct drugs, which Pharmacom does not produce (clomid etc.).
    Surprices like free gear vials will come...
    Guys, now I just wanted to inform you about our news.
    Pharmacom Labs introduces a new Premium injectables line!
    Right now my colleague is putting all items to the official Pharmacom site. Some of theme you can see already now here:
    These are 1 ml amps. 10 amps in one box. Believe me, they look awasome!
    Pharmacom Labs is already manufacturing them and in a couple of days they will be in our warehouse in China.
    Now I start adding these new items to our Basicstero store and we are going to deliver them to our USA warehouse immediately after we fill the warehouse with vials. Or even simultaniously. Will see, how it goes, because Pharmacom already has a big demand on them.
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    Just pulled the trigger. Ordered some Mix 3 + some var.

    Will let you guys know if its good when i started.
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  16. rugerjitsu

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    Frank, what is it that makes these 1ml amps "premium"?
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  17. Pharmacom Labs

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    They are more safe, you just open one amp, make a pin and throw it away. No risk, that some shit gets into the vials with the needle, or that rubber tiny particles (of the cap) get into the needle and cause an abscess (for those, who use one needle for syringe filling and injections), etc. So, first of all amps are single-use vessels. Secondly you have absolutely exactly measured oil volume in each amp and can always be sure, that you filled a siyringe with 1 ml and not 1.1 or 1.2, 1.3, etc. And finally amps look like a real drug-store product. You know, as per our experience customers are ready to buy amps and even pay more only for their appearance! Maybe this is a bit strange, but this is fact!
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    I see you have primo also var. This is hard to come by and often faked by the chinese. How does your company insure on what they are getting. And by that I mean what measure do you take testing and quality control?
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    I think in his intro he said they have their own chromautogragh to test all their raws
  20. pumpingiron22

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    True but how do we know? This is true.
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