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  1. Genghis K.

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    How about......... whomever you think has the coolest avi? (that means picture by our names) By the way, she's from Russia......... nnaaa just (B.S. means bullshitting, like kidding or joking around)
  2. If you dont mind keep me posted. Wanting to pull trigger.
  3. MythotiK

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    Everything is sold out??
  4. A lot is. You have to click on US domestic. There is a 7 item trial run with limited quantities. Most of which are out of stock. Atleast thats what I have gotten from the threads.
  5. johnnyBALLZ

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    What the fuck did I just read? You're having a lottery for your UGL medallions? I have to say, I've never seen a "UGL medallion" before tonight..

    Different parts of the world I guess...
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  6. This clown didn't even read the rules before posting. He's got hyperlinks all over the thread. I see a three day vacation is on the horizon.

  7. Looks like a police badge to me.
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  8. bdg77

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    Well, it is legally produced. So does the UGL title still fit. I've been waiting for scratch off codes for a while now.
  9. pumpingiron22

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    Everything is out of stock?
  10. bdg77

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    Must be awful. :D J.K. I have no idea, but would like to find out.
  11. They still have some small stock. Test is all out though.
  12. Ripgut

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    No test??? No good, need something with my tren :)
  13. Yeah people snatched that test up it seems. Hope to hear some news on it in future. Domestic source would be nice.
  14. Pharmacom Labs

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    Guys, I canceled some orders, so we have now a bit Test P and Sust 300 in stock again.
  15. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    People do orders and do not pay. I canceled some of them. We have now 23 vials of Test P and 10 vials of Sust 300 available. + other 5 items.
  16. Pharmacom Labs

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    I just read the feedback about our test e, which we gave in the end of 2014 to one of the volunteers for free. He had 10 weeks cycle on it. You can read the feedback here:
    It was international shipping, which we are going to organize as well.
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    communication has been real fast.
  18. Tren Warrior

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    Can you say when paypal is available for eu customers ?
  19. hahahaha! come on man you're telling me you wouldnt wear this to the gym! lol
    probably give you all kinds of Gainz!
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  20. Pharmacom Labs

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    End of the coming week roughly. But for safety we will accept PayPal only from customers, who had ordered in our store at least once.