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  1. No apology nevessary. But thanks. And yes I joined today. What does that to do with you ragging on me for wanting to use logic and wait? Good day sir.
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    K, im tired already, anyone else want to tag in? I don't know how you fuckers hang with 50 pages of this shit.
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    @Pharmacom Labs you say you have seven items in USA stock but the site shows 1/3 of them out of stock. Looks like you showed up to Meso to late for some of us. I wanted to try the test 300 and test p but they are out. If prices jump up when restocked, I'll stick with Darius if I decide to stock on Pharmacom. Dude had me product a little overa week to the States. He has proven thus far to go out of his way to make shit right for folks. He even hooked dudes up that were scammed from other sites with the cycles they didn't get. Now that is good business and that is the type of person I prefer dealing with.
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    If I remember right....
    Wasn't there an imposter of Pharmacom recently? I remember something about Dbol?? Maybe there are some member(s) here that can pick between the real deal and the bullshiter as was done in the other thread with the bunk orals...
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    Well its real nice of you to put up all those pics and gear porn, its to bad your site says you have nothing in stock !!! Whats the point of this if you have less gear than i do!! SMH
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    Of course this is only for trial run and low prices. Sorry if my english is not sufficient good to express my thoughts clearly. About the purity, please do not give any statements, if you are not sure for 100%.
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    It is not for always. Please read careful. We are on a test run. We have 7 products for trials. That is pretty enough for that. Later all positions will be in stock. When exactly, do not ask please, for our safety. We need a month or a bit longer.
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    Im not trying to be rude, but 100$ for a bottle of prop100 or any of your gear is not cheap!!! 35$ now that would be cheap.
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    @Mr.B66 I thought same as you. Its actually 1.00 not 100. I guess its not available. If you click on US domestic at bottom left you will see whats in stock and actual pricing. It looks like there is only a few products left. Eq and the mixes.
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    Oh ok !! Yeah i was thinking 100$ a bottle aint no sweet deal. But i just went on their site and everything i checked was not available!!! So pretty much a waste of time this thread!!
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    Edit: I misread.
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    How much higher do you plan on raising your prices?
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    im wiih ya on this one shipping was 1 week from payment pick up I was like wtf not saying your legit but darius has earned some serious respect among this board
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    darius has proven himself already their are no bad reviews on him ,
    why would anyone want to try someone new ? darius has done right by us i dont see why we would not do right by him ....
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    No Stock? might as well be a scammer...cause you have nothing to send. Why the fuck would you spend all the time for the intro and have nothing to sell. me stupid but you wouldn't go to Wal mart if it had no merchandise right? Everyone if interested in this line..go to the respectable member already established on Meso... this chump is walking into someone else's turf and trying to monopolize the brand with trial deals and shit. T shirts and hats? How about get some gear to sell. ..might be more profitable than clothing
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    Hey! Well, i explain. I checked our site. Before I told, that it automatically takes off the items of orders, the payment info for which was added. I was a bit wrong. IN fact the site takes away from storage the items which were just ordered. But not paid. So, now we have several orders, which hang over 7 days and no payment yet. I asked the customers, whether I shall cancel the orders, but no reply yet. If they will not reply within 1 day, I will cancel the orders and a bit of Test P and Sust 300 will appear in stock again.
    To avoid such situations in the future we will limit the time to 3 days. No payment within 3 days and the order will be automatically canceled. What do you think about it?
    And bro, this is market, this is your choise, I fully understand you. Please, stick with Darius, he is a good guy and a proven source, I understand it.
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    You have to hasty conclusions. We are only in the very beginning. And temporary lack will turn into full rang of products in stock in a while.
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    I will not now go ahead of myself. Will discuss wth colleagues and decide. Depends on lot of factors.
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    I have absolutely nothing again darius, but you guys think somehow kind of... I don`t know... limited. Why not? Why only one reseller?
    Maybe someone would try a new source for a reason, that this source is an official Pharmacom rep, works in Pharmacom team, offers genuine Pharmacom products with check codes (it comes a bit later), original labels, in original boxes and domestically? How do you think, would it be not enough? Will see...
    Martket would never develope, if onle one salesman dominated in it... don`t you think?
    And which is more, this thread is not only Basicstero thread, but Pharmacom Labs thred. Here I will post all knews, photos of new products, developed by Pharmacom.
    Not lot of people know it, but now we, Pharmacom is working on preparing new videos about each product in our line. We decided to start from PharmaMix2. In a while it will be available. Later also for other products.
    Here you will see photos of our new products, injectale oxandrolone, for example. Probably we even decide to chose someone from you to test this prodcuts before they get into the market. If you will have such a wish.
    You all will see, that we are not scammers and present not only Basicstero, but Pharmacom brand here!
    By the way, in the next thread you can see first feedback from our customer here with photos. He received his order. Please look here.
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