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    And at the end some good news.
    1. Now is for sure, all vials after we fill the warehouse will be shipped out with scratch check codes!
    2. We are organizing PayPal account and are going to accept PayPal within next week. At least test lauch, to check how this account will work.
    That was all for now.
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    When are you filling your USA warehouse
  4. He said a month or a bit longer
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    I will not give hopes to you now. Something could go wrong with custom, etc. Hope within one month. Will see. We will also organize international deliveries. Actually we can ship internationally already now. Almost any product. But domestic delivery is more difficult to organize. And for international deliveries we will prepare our site soon as well.
    Now, sorry, have a huge amount of things to organize, have to go.
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    I think some competition between Pharmacom resellers would be a good thing for us. Look, we know Darius has been a straight shooter here on Meso so far. He doesn't flood the board with shills trying to support his brand like Naps does. He backs up his product, if there is ever a question of quality, with replacements. He has even hooked up a member here who got scammed by another source. Personally I think this sets the bar high for Basicstero to bring some decent product and back it up. He knows we have a reliable source for Pharmacom products already, and we will rip his still beating heart out and eat it if he tried to pull any shit here. I say bring on some competition, but everyone should be cautious of Basicstero until he has proven himself with quality product and that he stands behind his product when issues arise, because they will. They always do.
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    I agree that competition is good and basicstero does have a domestic shipping advantage when he stocks that up. It'll come down to who has the better deals and customer service which is good for us and hopefully we get a good amount of data and reviews on here about Pharmacom. Really, pharmacom has been around for a long time and I heard good things in general but the more reviews the better.
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    The owner of basicstero is one of the main guys that started Pharmacom. I forsee some good deals and great customer service. They don't seem shady like other sources. I think they have their shit together.

    Not shilling or repping just giving some hope to the community to get good domestic gear. I will post a log and bloods when I start.
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  9. Just curious how you came uponthis info. I am all down for a good domestic.
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    Once we place an order through the website, how long do we have to send payment? Been trying to get to a WU location but stuff keeps coming up.
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    kaizoku i think he said he had a bunch of unpaid orders and that he was thinking off giving it three days before cancelling orders to free up some of the limited stock
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  12. Yes he indeed said he is gonna have a three day window before cancellation of order.
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    Thanks guys, that gives me another 2 days.

    Was hoping I could add a couple vials of canceled test p to the order but I guess those orders haven't been canceled yet.
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    Add paypal and im in for a test order. Bern following your thread at PM forum for a very long time now.
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    No orals in stock?
  16. Nothing much in stock. Trial domestic run.
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    Spoke with someone from Pharmacom
  18. Roger that. Thx for the info. You got an order in?
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    Friends,i have written about this in the first post, but do know now, probably nobody read it or bobody wants to listen. I confirm, I am not just a reseller, I am a member of Pharmacom Labs team the roids manufacturer itself. This is my permanent job and I work in the sales department. At the same time I was empowered to promote our store worldwide. I understand, you do not believe probaly. The time will show. Now, as the first step to confirm this, a decided to orginize sort of a lottery game. It will have nothing to do with sales or who will place the biggest order, etc. This is just a symbol of a good will to all you guys. So, Pharmacom Labs produced a while ago such beautiful medallions as on the foto below:
    They are unique. There are only 100 pieces in the world. Each medallion contains 40 grams of fine silver. Lot of them were already raffled and found their owners in Russia, where we are Brand. Nr. 1, and several other countries. But we have a bit available yet. Now I would like to raffle one such medallion here between MESO RX members. But, these shall be members, which have reputation here and are long time on forum. I do not, what kind of lottery to chose, usually we suggested in Russia to write a poem / verse about Pharmacom products or to make a motivation video / comics with Pharmacom brand and our symbolic in there. And a member, who received more likes as the other members, won the reward. It worked fine. I do not how about you, I myself am from Moldova, so there are probably differencies in our world view, so I suggest to you to chose what kind of a lottery would be preferable for you and we will raffle this medallion. The only thing, it will be shipped not domesticly, but internationally.
    Guys, I have night now, I am falling asleep, tomorrow morning I will read all your proposals and we organize something.
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    Yes, a pretty substantial one
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