Pharmacom Labs officials and our store

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Pharmacom Labs, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. TorroXL

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    You suck. Go die
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  2. raspy23

    raspy23 Junior Member

    Can't find anything on it soooooo
    Has anyone ran the Pharmcom HGH?
  3. Bob Sanders

    Bob Sanders Junior Member

    Is it just shipping that is delayed until the 25th or is everything delayed until the 25th? ordered several days ago, payment still being "checked", no response to emails either.
  4. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    I assume everything, no confirmation for 5 days now
  5. Bob Sanders

    Bob Sanders Junior Member

    Well, somewhat reassuring to hear I'm not the only one then. I'll stay patient.
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  6. preserve36

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    Fyi everything i ordered at disc rate did in fact get sent and received. It was delayed with all this crap but it came through.
  7. preserve36

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    Thanks for keeping it honest instead of feeding abunch of bullshit @Pharmacom
  8. spiffy0

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    anyone notice it says "warehouse revision" when you go to their domestic tab? is that new?
  9. Klimmzugernie

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    Guys it is chinese new year.. Most chinese people dont work right now... Also no one in illegal steroid Labs
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  10. What actually you want to know about Pcom HGH?
  11. biglumber69

    biglumber69 Member Supporter

    @Pharmacom Helper please check pm. I hate when people post check pm but it has been awhile
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  12. rpbb

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    who does the hplc testing on it
  13. Steve84

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    They are working to restock and fix some things. They announced it before. They sold out all stock. So i'd imagine they are redo'ing some of it.
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  14. raspy23

    raspy23 Junior Member

    Wanting to know what the quality is on HGH. Wanting to see if it would be worth giving it a run at that higher price. Do you have labs on it?
  15. That's exactly right.
  16. Bob Sanders

    Bob Sanders Junior Member

    Updating my previous post, I got ship confirmation today
  17. biglumber69

    biglumber69 Member Supporter

    That's awesome. You got shipping confirmation in 7 days during Chinese New year. But I know people who have not even had money picked up or others who have not got shipping confirmation and they ordered before Chinese new year. When I started with Pharmacom and Frank was running the show. He fixed problems. No is is a shit show. Pm @Pharmacom Helper he was responding now have not heard from. But still post here . That is my rant take it for what it is worth
  18. biglumber69

    biglumber69 Member Supporter

    Well got a response. Do progress is being made
  19. planedriver

    planedriver Member

    Anyone having difficulties with money gram or western union payments to pay for international orders? Heard recently money gram is getting serious about where your sending money and ID’ing you. Can’t find the exact info about it I read.
  20. That's what i read in another thread and have found out through experience. At least for MG payments, anyway. Can't comment on WU though.