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    Its 3+ 1 free and 20% discount?

    Also on test abdi?
  2. Ship to Canada all ready. Our prime minister needs some gear!
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    some estrogen blockers at the very least. "Womankind"? Like really. Ugh.
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    Interesting you mentioned how you felt on the mk677 as I was on the Somatex HGH I just bought from PS for 5 days and it literally smashed me. Pure lethargy as if I was just waking up out of surgery along with nausea. Had to stop taking it as I feel like complete shit on it. Bummer too, I was excited for the positive effects of HGH. And that was only 2iu's a day.

    Anyone else try the Somatex with similar lethargy?
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    It will pass, take 1iu a day then and bump it up a week later to 2iu. Just need to deal with it and it will pass.
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    Hey guys are his still 20ml bottles not the normal 10
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    All Pharmastar are 2Oml
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    LAST 3 DAYS !!!

    Hilma testo ENA - SOLD OUT
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    Did my first order, lets see how things go
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    I'm not sure why you bother emailing him. Why dont you just look up at him from being on your knees and talk to him.:confused:
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    @pharmasource will you be affected by the new laws in China for raws??
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    He got his mouth full so he cant talk
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    Only time will show. I think that nobody knows what future will bring. Hope not :)
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    Soon will be posted new test results - new line Oxymetholone, new line anastrozol, new line ENA350 ( bestseller of PS gear )
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    Look forward to that enath350 result.
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    Oh yes me too
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    @pharmasource I just emailed you on a new order, if you could reply with the address soon, so i can catch you before you take off tomorrow.. thanks again
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    @pharmasource, check your messages please, waiting since last wednesday for reply