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  1. gearwolf

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    Prove us otherwise, since everyone (including science) certainly disagrees with you, man blinded by faith :p
  2. AlwaysHungry

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    Science? You think the study's on testosterone and nandrolone are from UG products ?
  3. gearwolf

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    Science on the qualities of pharma test & nandrolone you can prove are missing from UGL compounds. Certainly no difference in labwork or bloodwork but you must know something noone else knows here on Meso.
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  4. luissp

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    That´s a dumb challenge, olympians do not go around detailing their doping habits. Besides they don´t make much money in many sports, no doubt when the doping program is overseen by the national federation or other government agency they get pharma products, but if they need to do it by themselves, they might just go with what is most easily and cheaply available.
    Dunno how many gotta dope without supervision from some government sponsored agency though.

    Fwiw got Iranian Hormones Anadrol from PS and it no doubt worked, yet gave up after 2 weeks because I couldn´t deal with the lethargy. Still have a bunch of tablets in stock, might give it another try later on.
  5. gearwolf

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    @PharmasourceEU can you get oral & injectable primobolan acetate by chance?
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  6. pfdept59

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    Can you get me testosterone undecanoate? I would be interested in pharma or ugl.
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  7. pepson58

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    The only reason that pharma companies use the same carrier oil it is because of registration of the product if u want to change something after u get registered in USA or EU market it costs a lot of money and long bureaucracy procedure to finalize the change... it is just not profitable and not necessary if the carrier oil is working even with strong PIP they don't care about you comfort.
  8. marco11

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    Shouldn't you be messaging a new UG lab for free gear? What are you doing here?
  9. Avnj5

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    Sounds like a great cycle and products but this cycle using the above brand names simply is not feasible to obtain in 2019. And if you did the risk of getting counterfeit would be very great.
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  10. pharmasource

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    I dont think so. No big interest of them...and injectable acetate is usually painful.
  11. pharmasource

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    I dont belive that somebody will buy Nebido around 120-130,- USD for only 4ml amp.
    May be will ad to some future Pharmastar line
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  12. Toni72

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    3 + 1 free and other took gifts is normal promotion with you all year long, will you announce a real big Promo.? to finish 2019 as the best source meso 2019
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    He isn’t Amazon
  14. pfdept59

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    If you get it I will buy it.For HRT when I travel internationally.I don’t want to travel with gear,rather pin before I leave and be set for a few weeks
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    [QUOTE = "Savagesteve, message: 2547061, membre: 82921"] Il n'est pas Amazon [/ QUOTE]
    Sorry Mr savagesteve
  16. Toni72

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    My wife did Injection sc 50mg week with primobolan 200 pharmastar +25 mg testo E 250 pharmastar, no virilization very good energy. Primo200 ph is legit, always satisfied, good job Mr.
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  17. Davidinovg

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    Any pip from the primo?
  18. Toni72

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    Petit pip bien sûr sc inject .. +
  19. In English, you filthy whore!
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    What @Toni72 means is "If I suck PS dick enough maybe we can be friends, side thought... my wife now has a bigger clit dick then I have:oops:. "

    @MisterSuperGod that was off Google translator you lazy fucker. I'm done spoon feeding you newbs...
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