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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmasource, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Savagesteve

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    While it shouldn’t happen very often, it does, but he’s always made it right.
  2. Toni72

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    More than 10 orders always perfect, Everything has arrived in 15 days. Hgh 240ui pharmastar, Testo E 250, primobolan 200, tadafil, and vitamin, perfect
  3. SwoleIsTheGoal

    SwoleIsTheGoal Junior Member

    It was some minor items. Nothing of too much importance. I have full confidence it will get fixed. All other orders have been perfect
  4. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    Are you sure that order was send in 1 part ?
  5. Omegistosalex

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    hey man I sent you an email about tracking info, can you reply please, thank you.
  6. SwoleIsTheGoal

    SwoleIsTheGoal Junior Member

    I sent an email explaining my missing items before I posted here. It very well could have been shipped in 2 parts. I haven’t received a reply to the email. It just seems like the small items are missing, because there are some extras in the pack. Just not everything I ordered.
  7. marco11

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    I had a few different orders and although one of my orders was short an item they made it right on the next one and included free stuff so I am happy. I think it comes with the territory of having a shit ton of orders and I can only assume PS doesnt have a ton of people shipping lol shit happens
  8. SwoleIsTheGoal

    SwoleIsTheGoal Junior Member

    For sure. I’m not stressing about it either way. I’m sure it will all be resolved. This source seems to do well by its customers.
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  9. marco11

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    Ya man you will get sorted for sure. Sorry to hear about that regardless.
  10. Omegistosalex

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    if the order is big they usually split it
  11. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    He made it known to me by paying twice the shipping...
  12. SwoleIsTheGoal

    SwoleIsTheGoal Junior Member

    It wasn’t multiple packages, but the items are being resent. I will report back once everything has come through. It was handled professionally just as I expected.
  13. My order took 9 days once it was dropped off at the original post office to be delivered....all together from start to finish...12 days - this was recent.

    2nd order looks to be the same time frame or even a day sooner...

    Unfortunately the post office isn't consistent at all and some orders will be shorter in length of time and some orders will be longer than expected. This should be expected from purchasing illegal drugs online.

    I hope each of you get your "apple sauce" quickly and so far this guy has been consistent on correctly any opportunities when presented.

    Good luck brothers...

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  14. penche

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    Nice been wanting to grab a few items are you in US?

    @pharmasource any restock on inject ephedra ?
  15. Yes...midwest.

  16. bonacris

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    Anyone know if the halo is back in stock.
  17. Drew dude

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    The tadalafil I got from this source is bunk as fuck. I have 5mg legit brand name cialis from a doctor to compare it to.

    I get more of an effect from a single 5mg dose of real cialis than 80mg of the junk shit that this guy is selling. Really dissapointed.
  18. gearwolf

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    you've taken 80mg of cialis? if that turned out to be legit after all, that can land you in the hospital for a permanent boner
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  19. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    If you have some issue with Tada, please wrote me first than you take 80mg.
    Tadalafil, specially Tada20mg is one of our best sellers, was tested in 2 labs, results posted. I think that if is bad like you said, there must be a ton of bad experiences here.

    Anyway, If you send me your BTC address, I will get you yopur money back.
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  20. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    No sir, NO ephedrine in our store anymore .