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    Yea that was Hilma, I don’t wanna seem like I’m shitting on it tho, or that source. But yea I guess maybe to keep Hilma on there toes.
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    Another reason I won’t go with the brown vials
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    Yea no longer a fan lol. I nevered cared what the vial was. Just what’s in it. But when your short some you feel like it’s a waste. I got that feeling anyway. And I hate that.
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    Besides not being able to see floaters the fill level deal sucks too. I wonder if they were hoping people didn’t pay that much attention.
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    It’s true. Ya never know. Next run is gonna be all pharmasource. Already have some, I’ll pick up some of the new batch and just run with it.
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    To make our community aware, I posted several months ago in his thread on underfilled issue; tren h and e were about 9.2-9.5ml. I sent them pictures too. They acknowledged the issue and communicated to fix it. They sent me replacement vials but it looks like they have not fixed the issue yet.
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    I’m curious if they’re making massive batches and haven’t ran out of the ones that were low. Either way they either need to send an extra vial with an order or lower the cost of the short vials.
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    Well according to den it seems that the batch I had and possibly yours also maybe were an older batch, there is a new batch of cyp which is what I was using and had been verified that it is all accounted for in the new batch. They may have straightened it out.
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    to be honest tho I’m just gonna use what I’ve mentioned already and why I ponder in this thread more often than others lol. The Hilma I got wasn’t from Hilma and I’m not gonna bust anyone’s balls because that company fucked up.
  10. Den84

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    This afternoon I will check if I have remained some old batch, probably mast P I have old batch, and I will do a test: I will completely uncover the vial, and suck up all the contents, with a 10 ml syringe. only in this way it is possible to understand, with absolute certainty if the vial is underfilled.

    But last year I used many molecules from old batch, I never noticed the lack of 2 ml. 2 ml less, are really many, it's impossible not to notice it. so if the old batcs were underfilled, I think not more than 0.5 ml less,but I didn't pay much attention to this point . (I can talk only for the vials that I used, obviously. Can’t know if your vials were several underfilled)

    One question now: it is possible to share a video on this forum ? @MisterSuperGod
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  11. i don't think you can upload a video directly. You would have to upload it to something like YouTube, then hit the little film icon (to the left of the +) in the reply box menu and imbed the link.
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    Guys as I promised I did a test with a old batch of mast p (exp 01-2020) it is the last hilma product from old batch that I remained.

    I uncovered completely the vial and I sucked up all the oil with a 10 ml siringe. And the oil inside the vial is 10 ml perfect... I did a video of the complete operation (6 minute duration). If anyone is curios to see the full video of operation I can send it to you on a secure app like telegram or wickr (so who is curious I can send my telegram o wickr nickname on private message here on meso,just write to me a private message). Too much risky to share it on YouTube. But I can share here some screenshots of the video.

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    Looks good @Den84 tells ya not every product they put out was short. And maybe they didn’t put a product out that was short at all, take a few from this one a few from that, double your money. Who knows. Lol.
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    When is the list comming out?
  15. gearwolf

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    later today most likely
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    Correct me if I’m wrong but today is Monday correct? Wasn’t the new list suppose to come out? Did I miss something?
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    Yea we all are waiting, it’s up to him to get it out there lol. We’re on his time.
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    @pharmasource wheres this price list?! I need ai before i grow into a full blown A cup
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    You shouldn't be running gear without that on hand anyway rookie....
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    Unless you’re in the EU, you better find a domestic ai source if you need it yesterday. Anyways, pics or it didn’t happen.