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    btc has been popping since March, really sweet
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    Wait until you see what happens within the next 3 to 6 months :)
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    Damn, no prime day deals :)
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    There should be some re-opening promo’s
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    Small update on his DHB. The 2ml pin left "walkable" pip (compared to 1.4ml from the other vial). So maybe in another week or two I'll see if there is any significant changes.
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    Hello, do you have the new price list with the latest products to come? Hilma and others .... Thank you
  7. Omegistosalex

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    I think he will post it this week, he is restocking
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    Just like Christmas with this list coming lol
  9. pharmasource

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    10ml multidose vial

    -Sustanon 250mg / 40,- USD
    -Testo Enanthate 250mg / 40,- USD
    -Testo Cypionate 250mg / 40,- USD
    -Testo Propinate 100mg / 35,- USD
    -tren. Acetate 100mg / 45,- USD
    -trenbolone Enanthate 200mg / 50,- USD
    -Nandrolone Phenyl-pro 100mg / 40,- USD
    -Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg / 45,- USD
    -Drostanolone Propionate 100mg / 45,- USD
    -Drostanolone Enanthate 200mg / 50,- USD
    -Boldenone Undecylenate 250mg / 45,- USD
    -Parabolan 10ml 75mg / 55 ,- USD
    -Primobolan 10ml 100mg / 55,- USD

    -oxandrolone 100tab 10mg = 45,- USD
    -oxymetholone 100tabs 50mg / 45,- USD
    -stanozolol 100tabs 10mg / 25,- USD
    -Methandienone 100tabs 10mg / 25,- USD
    -Clenbut. 50tabs 40mcg / 20,- USD

    -Bacteriostatic water for injection / 15,- USD

    peptides comming soon

    For Balkan pharma fans, we bought from our friendly source some . They are still in old type of boxes, this guy have huge stock and need to sold out them, because want to restock new packing type. So, we bought for you . All amps have code for checking at Balkan site.

    10x1ml ( older type of boxes )

    Sustamed 25O / 45,- USD
    Testosterona E 250 / 45,- USD
    Testosterona P 100mg / 35,- USD

    clenbuterol blister 20x0,04 / 7,-USD
    Strombafort ( stanozolol ) 20x10mg blister / 6,- USD
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    @pharmasourse do you have choriomon or pregnyl in stock at the moment?? i´m neding hcg for my trt and you being in europe is a plus, thanks.
  11. pharmasource

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    Yes sir, full stock
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  13. Made in USA

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    @pharmasource is this your complete list of inventory?
    You had a lot more product before ?
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    Guys any1 know if you adress gets flagged if you have got orders seized from other sources?
  15. pharmasource

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    Forgot , yes of course

    Hilma Trenbolone mix 15Omg / 50,- USD
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    @pharmasource I sent you an email asking for payment info, no reply yet so if you please, thanks i wrote to this email i´m in europe so i´d prefer wire tranfer, thanks again
  17. No. You're fine to proceed. If that were the case, half the guys on Meso would be restricted to ordering through domestic only.
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    True statement lol. You’ll be fine just like he said.
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    Very good trenbolone acetate for that price really really good I reccomend haven't find that quality tren with so little cost!!! Entering 4th week at 400mg acetate and all the waters gone lost 80-85% of my bodyfat and my weight have increased 2kg. Have the typical tren freak look with veins everywhere very tight and clear skin and pumps from within the muscle. I wouldn't except to be that good if I knew would have ordered more. Now waiting for the new line to come and throw in high testosterone with MK677 along with that tren ace and grew into new dimensions.
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    Great to hear, the price wad really great