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  1. That was an issue that someone brought up in Hilma's thread.
    They said they would rectify it going forward, but unless you know current batch numbers, there'd be no way to verify if they actually kept their word and made adjustments to fill levels.
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    I will check when I get back in town for that, I do still have both vials so I can actually get that info. I’m just glad I grabbed some Pharmacom cyp when he had it cause I ended up using 6 out of the 10 amps just to make up the difference.
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    guys i would greatly appreciate anyones info on the below as i am puzzled as fuck and my doctor cant even explain.

    So im taking GH with my GF. 3iu her 6iu me.

    We did blood tests to test IGF1 and GH serum. She tests very high on both (GH 13, IGF 340) and i test very low (GH 2.5 IGF 200).

    Any ideas?
  4. AlwaysHungry

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    Poor responder change to fda gh or try a higher dosage. You can also try mk677 and draw bloods again try also fda gh and pull bloods again. We all respond different we all need different dosages but with fda gh that won't be a problem
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    just the way it works
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    Also, are you running any 19-nor’s? They typical cause lower IGF scores without really effecting the effectiveness of the GH.

    Can also always get it tested to verify what’s inside as well.
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    Couldnt find it in the list. Any updates on this?
  8. RonnyZ

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    New list dropping soon?
  9. Sourtes22

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    Thank you. I tried mk677 also. Made me hungry as shit but not change in IGF1, checked 3 different times.
  10. Sourtes22

    Sourtes22 Junior Member

    Guys thank you everyone for your info.

    Sdryx, i have started taking oxymetholone. You think it might be that?

    Because a while back i did again GH from the same source and my IGF1 was 389.
  11. AlwaysHungry

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    Maybe not right timing of bloods drawn. And or your body dosent respond well to gh/igf1 so your best best is fda gh and insulin to create igf spikes otherwise mk677 you might respond better in terms of igf elevation and more cost effective than gh
  12. Sourtes22

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    Thanks. Yes, im going to do another test and change up my times of the blood drawn to see. I'm finding it difficult to locate fda GH but i'll dig deeper.
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    We are under stock-taking process - invetary of stock, so please guys, all order next week.
    Also, next week will be introduced a guy, who will communicate with you here and at our e-mail.
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    So you mean don’t order until next week because your stocking up?
  15. MK has a short half-life too doesn't it?
    I'd imagine one would have to take that into consideration when having their levels checked?
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    24 hours half life
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  17. Correct. Wait for David #3 to make an announcement.

    The UG steroid production business in whatever country he's in seems to be more volatile than BTC. :eek::D
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  18. Oh, okay. i thought it was much shorter. There goes my theory.
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    Hello pharmasource any hcg?? Can’t find updated list
    Ok found it, pregnyl and choriomon still available???
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    I think they’re retiring seeing as how btc climbed big time. Just pass it off the the next guy :eek:
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