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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmasource, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. pharmasource

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    1-2 months. Newly some new oils, like injectable Oxy, D-bol, TNE, TRNE ....
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  2. bickel29

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    I believe he said it made it through customs. Once USPS has possession, that means it has been released by customs to the delivering entity (USPS in this case).
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  3. Savagesteve

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    Ah I see. Well I’m that case I hope dude’s mailman is getting jacked :D
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  4. AlwaysHungry

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    Injectable TNE and Dbol gonna be a good offseason this year!
    Are you going to add any more peptides rather than MK?
  5. ambulldog

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    Someones enjoying your summmer cycle
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  6. MikeLiftss

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    Anyone else experiencing this with his DHB:

    -in the same 70 degree temp. one vial with crash and the other one did not.
    -took the non-crashed vial and put it in ice water... it still didn't crash. Left it in freezer for an hour... it still didn't crash.

    The crashed vial pinned at 1.4ml will cripple you. Will pin 2ml of the non-crashed vial... If I don't feel like sawing off my leg in 2 days I'm going to be very suspicious.
  7. Maktub

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    10 $ bill x 5 is way unethical.
    Sounds like a bribery mail men might look at that suspicious vs
    A bottle of water or soda is just a great gesture for this hot summer days
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  8. Touché.
  9. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    Why ? We have crushed some DHB, I think its not suspicious with this product
  10. Den84

    Den84 Member

    These dhb vials are the same batch?
  11. shady

    shady Member

    my dhb didnt crash and worked as expected, just my personal experience
  12. AlwaysHungry

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    I dont have tried dhb. But others very very smooth oils I pin 5ml 4 times a week on various sites not the slightest pip
  13. 17Alpha

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    He is implying that the non-crashd vial doesnt contain DHB, because it did not crash.
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  14. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    If from 2OO vials batch 10-15 crashed, means that others does not contain DHB ? Hmm I dont think so. Cant say why, but from last batches of DHB always had some crashed.
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  15. Den84

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    I think that before slandering a source, among the most consolidated of meso, he should send the sample to a laboratory to analyze it. I don't like when someone discredits a source, for trivial and futile reasons, like sensations, oil color, crashed or not crashed and so on.
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  16. TenPin

    TenPin Member

    We had this a few months back over HGH and it turned into a total farce - none of those criticising have ever sent anything for analysis or actually seen what they were criticising the source for.
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  17. Something similar happened in another thread. A couple vials out of the same batch, one would crash, the other wouldn't.

    Not sure why or how it happened, nor do i think the reason was ever figured out, but it doesn't necessarily mean the crashed vial has hormone and the other doesn't.

    Also, attempting to force crash gear by subjecting the vial to cold/freezing temps isn't a reliable indicator. Someone tried that with their pharma Test and couldn't get it to crash.
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  18. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    If it’s the same deal I’m thinking of, dude finally got bloods and proved his “feels” were bogus af.
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  19. Sdryx

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    Thought I was gettin feels for this chick... But bloodwork verified my TT levels are over 5,000 and I'm just horny as fuck!!!

    Bogus feels will get ya!
  20. bickel29

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    Please let us know what happens, PIP wise, after you pin the non-crashed vial!

    You are correct in saying that the fact that it is crashed is definitely not suspicious in and of itself! Not at all. I have ordered gear from many, many sources over the years and have had crashed gear on a few occasions. That happens.

    But if the crashed gear vial gives horrible PIP, and the non-crashed vial does not, then yes, THAT is definitely suspicious.

    Is that what you got from his post? I did not get that. I got that he is honestly, legitimately asking questions because he is sincerely confused. I think he is experienced/smart enough to know that the most logical explanation is the scenario he layed out. But I didn't feel like he was trying to imply anything as much as he was laying out the obvious explanation, to remove it in an attempt to find other explanations. Damn I hope that makes sense (it does in my head anyways).

    I don't think that is what he is saying. I think he is looking for answers, and the fact is, the scenario presented IS both possible and plausible, albeit not definitive in any way.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, SLOW DOWN THERE BROTHER! Slander? I think that's a little aggressive regarding the post that this member made.

    Slander: make false and damaging statements about (someone).

    Accusing him/her of slander is basically questioning his/her character and motivations for posting this, and more importantly, sets an adversarial tone going forward towards this member (or any other member) who has what they perceive as negative experiences with this source.

    That is the absolute LAST THING WE WANT HERE AS A COMMUNITY!!!

    For what it's worth, I have used source quite few times in the past and will again in the future. I am what you would call a satisfied and soon to be returning customer.

    And I too believe in treating sources fairly, just like you. And i too do not like members discrediting sources where it is unwarranted.

    All that said, this member deserves the benefit of the doubt and he/she deserves our support and help in figuring this out.

    He/she seems sincere to me in asking for help with this. So let's help. Throwing the word slander around is not exactly helping - but rather fanning the flames of a "choose a side, source vs member" show down that is unnecessary.

    We can support both the member and the source in getting to the bottom of this. Seeking the truth, no matter who it "benefits" is the best way to achieve that!

    Besides, the best sources want the truth no matter the outcome, and every source makes mistakes, what matters is how they handle the issues.

    With respect for all of the above members quoted...
    Big Bick!
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