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    @bickel29 my discourse was general and it concerns all sources, not just this one. I have not accused anyone of defamation.

    if due to language barriers, someone understood that I wanted to accuse someone of defamation. I apologize.
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    Den, you're good in my book, brother. You contribute a lot here and I respect you.
    I just want us to be careful as to not create an atmosphere that discourages members from bringing problems forward.
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    DHB results after pinning 2ml from the non-crashed vial:

    It left absolutely no pip. Another vial from the same batch crippled me if I went past 1.4ml. The non-crashing vial I put in 70 degree temp, ice water, and freezer... it still will not crystallize/crash.

    I don't know if it's actual DHB or maybe it's underdosed or maybe it's perfect and I'm just being overly critical. Others should share their thoughts on this.

    I'm in no way bashing PS. What I am doing is raising awareness. I've given PS praise and criticism before. He responds maturely and is always here to help. So once again I am not bashing.
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    it is very difficult to give opinions in this case. The only thing that can be said, is that this source has proven to be serious and constant over time. so it is very difficult to think that one vial is legit and the other bunk. unless it is a random error. I do not know his policy on lab tests/bloodworks. but if a reimbursement (even partial) is planned, you could send 1 ml to a laboratory to analyze it. this would be the biggest contribution to the meso community.
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    The source is great. I never been the one to criticize for no reason. In fact I praised him for his SD which is the best thing since sliced bread! Only thing I ever critisized was his Bayer Proviron which didn't seem to work even at 100mg.

    I made the DHB post to raise awareness, never to bash. Maybe there was a random error, or the lack of crashing and pip is a good thing. But pinning 1.4ml from a vial that crashes and gives extreme pip, then pinning 2ml from another vial that doesn't crash or give any kind of pip... that seems odd to me. Reimbursement isn't what is sought after... g2g DHB is. @pharmasource is great and wouldn't be here this long if he wasn't. That doesn't exclude him from feedback. Plus he's a big boy and can take a little criticism without flipping tables in rage :D
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    I´d drop hilma and get Balkan/SP instead, just an opinion and personal preference.
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    that's a bit of a reach, he's gotten better. but he was a shit sandwich at the beginning. seems to have gotten better now that he has a testing program
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    happened with the pristine gear
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    btw, always enjoy your posts and contributions. But anyone here can slander any source they want, this is a member board, not a source board
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    Not without valid proof though
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    I agree, balkan and sp would be preferable
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    Valid proof or not, this an an uncensored member board, anyone can attack any source they want
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    @pharmasource can we please get an updated list with any promos and what's not in stock please....
  15. True, but repeated slander could be considered trolling (ask me how i know) and the repeated harassment (for lack of a better word) makes a baseless accuser look just as shady as your average dick rider with an agenda.
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    Should see if he will do reimbursement and look into sending to W&M for testing.
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    I agree, but it looked like the dickriding was getting a little out of hand in this thread, especially when words like "slander" are being thrown around. Last I knew, this was still meso
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    Cycles finished, been on a lil break from here but anyone else have an issue with the Hilma cyp, it was short, each vial 2-3cc. Which sucks. But I agree ditch the Hilma!
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    It is already been asked by me, but he said that the prices are too high. Indeed, considering that no European seller can take directly from the balkan / sp factory (because factory is based in Moldova so outside Eu and the can’t guarantee the successful of shipping) the prices become too much for resale, buying it from Moldovan wholesalers that can ship from EU (Ro).

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    received my 3+1 boldenone cyp and 3+1 test e (250mg) and oxymetholone 100mg. the oxy had 23 pills crashed, i contacted the seller he sent me a new one so thats cool.