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    Was it the yellow or clear amps?
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    Pharma grade testomix OMNADREN in stock ! Omnadren have same content like Sustanon.

    Omnadren 5x250mg amp box / 35,- USD
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    Just received my last order from pharmasource quick and well packed as usual
    Started old line primo (enanthate) deca and 300mg+/ml old sesame oil test enanthate as front load 1g ew deca and primo and a bit less test for first 10 days
    Always so smooth to inject!!

    Will do 600 600 400 for first 6 to 8 weeks then and adjust up 2nd half of cycle if everything goes all right
    Adrol Iran hormone 50/day as well which I can feel and see for sure IMG_20190902_225014.jpg
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    Are the amps on gray tape aburaihan test E???
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    I see the shilling for this source is still as active as ever. Next time you have something useful to post, let us know
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    Don’t see how that’s shilling as he just spoke of packing and no pip...
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    have you ever considered stocking insulin? tough to get in some EU countries
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    Is there something like Reverse shilling ?? does it exist ??? or simply Smearing someone for the lols, you´d be the perfect example of it, that tag means nothing IMO
  10. Nice. He gives spoons for a freebie.
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    I sent you an email 2 days ago - no reply. I’m trying to place an order but I had a few questions
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    Who’s europharm? That what we call him now?
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    He had a few issues a while ago is why a couple of guys have issues with him. I understand but from the recent experiences meaning the last year or so, he’s had his shit together. I myself got a shitty batch of cialis a good while ago and also had a few broken amps (primus ray which says it was like 2 years ago) and the pack was wet when it was delivered. He replaced with galenika pharma amps on the next order.
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    I have ordered about 15 times from PS and I have had one or two small issues but he always rectified it. I wouldn't hesitate to send my friends to him as his stuff has been spot on for the most part.
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    Spoon on right side was a free gift to him, mofo.
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  17. Anyone used his Anadrol? Got any feedback?
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    2 years ago I used some adrol tabs from Pharmasource. It was very strong. Mite have been overdosed but I can’t say for sure. I forgot the MG, I think it was labeled 50mg and it felt very strong to me
  19. Unless I'm mistaken his current one is 100mg/100 tabs. I would prefer a more 'recent' feedback since you know, sources can go bad from one day to another and two years is a considerable amount of time. I searched the thread and I only found two comments regarding it.

    Generally, what's the prefered bulking oral steroid Anadrol or Dianabol in your opinion?
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    Never ran anadrol and hate dbol. Dbol aromatizes like crazy for me and while my strength goes up and the pumps are great, it seems like the only gains I get are from holding water. I have heard nothing but great reviews from the Iranian anadrol in other sources threads who’s I think PS carries as well.