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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmasource, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Good job man!
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    A bunch of us had curry winning lol
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    Will the MK677 be available from 23rd september as well??
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    little later
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    Sorry for my 5 days delay guys, was off because of some family my apologize ALL ORDERS WILL RECEIVE FREE sildenafil 50x50mg sachet .
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    hello to all, can we mix testo E + npp + s. Drol? It would be a good mix to propose to pharmasource?
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    That’s tailored pretty damn specific. I doubt many would purchase...
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    It's meant to be a joke as that combo makes as much sense as a test u + tren no ester + mt2 mix.
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    You never know around here lol. Dudes will be asking for test undeconate+ Mast e + tren ester lol
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    Glad to see this forum is still around, i cycled about 3 years ago about a year into training (Young and dumb). After several months of research after that cycle and good luck in finding a legendary mentor I was advised to go natty for a couple years.

    But im BACK Baby!

    So Happy to see this community still exist.
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    Some combo S-drol, tren A, testo A could be more usable. Or Sdrol with some Base substances.
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    Tb500 e bpc157 Please?
    I can not find them
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    Hello everyone, I allow myself to tell my story with pharmasource because we must say when these good and ausdi when these not good. This is only my opinion, I have more than 10 orders with pharmasource, 1x command lost and after 1 month he sent me "primo200 dhb ..." perfect. I have always been satisfied with all the products, sometimes a little pip, ok, but always satisfied, a comfiance is born, he sent me an order before I pay, I have to thank him. Thank you for your attention, sources like pharmasource in Europe rarely exist ... Thank you
  16. Ausdi?
    1x Command lost?
    Primo200 DHB?

    So you're happy with him... Or...?
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    @movingiron88 fuck baby , @MisterSuperGod, hi,
    Excuse my English, 1 command lost with primo200 + dhb + other thing, and he sent me everything after 1month, yes very happy with this source but especially the good way he does business, still sorry, I'm in Europe
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    Got it thanks
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