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    Hello, can we hope to add to your injectable methyltrienolone list? I know these the most expensive component and rare, so very often under dosed, but with your credibility gained with your good work, I think a lot of people will make trust. At low dosage it is very active, my favorite compound. Thank you
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    Not now sir
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    I would like to question how genuine his Genotropin HGH is. Apparently he sends the HGH without a box. This is highly suspicious to me.
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    it's called stealth, godtropin does it as well.
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    I asked him why he doesn't send with a box and he goes it's because they come as 5 pens in a box. So I said, well send me a picture of the box at least. He replies a few days later and says that someone bought all 5 so it's sold out. I replied saying that you can still send a picture of the box before you send out. No reply yet. All very sketchy.

    Some other dude in this thread mentioned that the Genotropin mixture was cloudy. This is a big no-no. The mixture should be clear.
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    I got hgh startropin 24x10ui. It was very good, no blood work, but with the same diet the difference was 2kg of fat after 1 month of stop hgh, same diet even work ...
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    Like you said, no bloodwork. And the pen can contain HGH and still be fake. I'm surprised no one has called him out on his Genotropin being fake. All these years and he's never taken a picture of the box. I bet the pen doesn't even come with the instructions as he will say it's only one per box or some shit like that. If it's real, take a picture of the box and the instructions and let us analyse it. I would be happy to be proven wrong.
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    I don’t know about y’all, but his shipping times have gotten worse. Close to a week or more to get something moving isn’t as good as it used to be, that’s for sure.
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    You are trying to hard and you are looking silly at this point. Wipe the slobber off your chin and go take a cold shower please. Thank you
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    Two guys have used his genotropin pen with no results. The one person has taked 6iu the other 3iu a day. You can find this here i think so 40-50 previous pages before.
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    I say real things, no blood but mix diet same work + 2kg after stop generic hgh 24ui x10 startropin, movingiron you criticize all the time, those you drool, you're a snail, please advance faster
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    BURNED!!!! lol
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    Stay vigilant, “David” is full of bullshit and always has an excuse.
    I bought hygtropin from him, Bunk ass shit. Questioned him about box codes, he claimed shit got burned or some other bs excuse just like your hearing.
    Read back it’s in this thread it’s all here.

    Just watch your own ass, if your not comfortable move on.
    David certainly doesn’t give a fuck about you or me.
    There are reputable vendors selling HGH on Meso. I personally wouldn’t order HGH from pharmasource even with boxes and codes..... lesson learned.

    My 2¢

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    Thanks for the heads up dude. Sent you a pm, got a few questions if you don't mind.
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    Why hasn't this guy been run out of here then if he's selling fake shit. I guess majority of people are buying his cheaper products that may be real. It's a shame there's so much fake HGH out there, makes it such a headache to purchase.
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    When you buy it online you not have any guarantee on what you have bought. And signs like good sleep and other effects like numb hand and so they can come from a other shit that motherfuckers put inside the cartridge. Because that all i will not cycling with hgh.
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    Hello everyone, are there people who ordered the new testosterone batch mig 812? I think they are available? Thank you
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    I haven’t seen anything yet available for the new line of oils.
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    It's posted in green a few pages back. New line of oils are available from 23rd of this month on according to ps
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