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  1. Omegistosalex

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    I did his anavar and yohimbine. Anavar is very good and at first i had some back pumps that were painful but taurine helped me out. Yohimbine also works but i i not like it in general, it makes me really anxious
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  2. Toni72

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    The yohimbine I take it at night, I think a better general and sexual energy ... His Anavar always good review ...
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  3. GdaddyGains

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    Thank you for the feedback.
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  4. GdaddyGains

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    @Toni72 thank you for the info.
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  5. KBStrong

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    OLD LINE "Primobolan/Methenolone ENA 200mg"

    what's the price?
  6. Toni72

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    @KBStrong, primo 200\ml le prix pour 20ml =150$
  7. marco11

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    Yeah I was doing PS Anavar at 100mg per day and my strength and dryness was retarded. Extremely potent IMO.
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  8. Savagesteve

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    No bad pumps at that dose? 75mg gave me terrible back and hamstring pumps
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  9. gearwolf

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    Taurine and proper hydration (that means mineral intake, not water) will resolve all of that (unless on slin + superdrol haha)
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  10. balco

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    Most people don't know that overhydration drains the body of minerals, that's why water with minerals and Himalayan salt is essential.
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  11. marco11

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    I have a small teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt with a small glass of water before my workouts.

    Be careful though because the first time I did it.. My spoonfull was massive and I was pissing out of my ass for 2 hours. It was like a fucking enema. Just a tiny teaspoon helps with pumps and taurine, magnesium.
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  12. gearwolf

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    yea there was a recent study that in people that were getting cramps due to mineral depletion drinking water made it worse by diluting the remaining minerals in the body - I always salt my pre-workout meal really well (usually sweet potatoes as they're easily digestible, can be baked in oven or microwave to raise GL/starch breakdown into simple sugars and have lots of potassium, another important mineral for gym performance), makes more of a difference than all those overpriced powders DYEL's are obsessed with
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  13. Savagesteve

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    I usually eat sweet potatoes on my meal before training. My wife boils them with cinnamon sticks. I’ll just have to add more salt to my chicken.
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  14. Omegistosalex

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    This sounds really tasty tbh. I will try it
  15. Savagesteve

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    only way I’ll eat them besides being lathered in brown sugar and melted marshmallows lol
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  16. Toni72

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    Hello, can you watch emails? Thank you .. Fine discount this weekend thank you pharmasource
  17. TNotch347

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    @pharmasource are you going to test the new generic hgh, pink tops?
  18. zerodiddy

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    Ephedrine HCL ENURACE 100x50mg ( veterinary ) / 120,- USD ....this product be on stock soon @pharmasource

    these in stock yet
  19. shady

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    made an order a week last thursday and it arrived following friday all present (just 4x test e 350 all labelled). live in uk
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  20. rpbb

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    wow, thanks for letting everyone know, we were all waiting and worried you might not get your shit test
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