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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmasource, Apr 27, 2016.

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    this post is sponsored by trenbolone
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    How's the pip
  3. pharmasource

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  4. pharmasource

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    on stock last pieces
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    still a daft cunt eh, nice to know some things in the world are reliable. thought these threads were for such info as this?

    no idea, i wont be using it for a good while just wanted to stock up a little
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    @pharmasource what info do you have about pangea operation 2019? I have heard conflicting opinions.. some Eu dealers stop the shipments only for this week, and some stop the shipments for this week and next week. and some continue to work and ship regularly.. any information is valuable.
  7. pharmasource

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    Most of Pangea operation were hoax. But nobody knows , thats right. Pharmacom send to all info that Pangea is from 1st. to 21th .... checked some tracks now and have no info about customs issue.
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    Werent the last ones, only 1 week?
  9. Anyone who has bought and received his new line got any feedback so far?
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    Nope, but historically speaking ut is most likely not dosed accurately.
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    And thats reason why guys like Pharmastar :)
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    Ummm yea, because it is inaccurately dosed? Glad to see you are striving for perfection. Great business mod. Smh!
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    Yes, we have great business, MOFO.
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    You guys get a room. Fight under the sheets. Hahah jj:cool:
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    Anyone tried the new mig? Curious if the guys that didn’t have issues with the old mig don’t get pip from the new line as well.
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    Anyone have an updated review on his DHB? Is DHB worth the hype?
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    I don't think it was available for the recent weekend promo yet so idk if the new line was actually ordered & received in the couple of days since.

    I'd say DHB isn't that hyped or it would be more popular/offered. Reminds me of trestolone in how split opinions are.
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    I tried dhb, it's a good product, I compare it to mix Boldenone + tren ... 400mg week is a good start .... Cheap.
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    Well with no responses on the mig...guess I’ll have to be the guinea pig for once :(
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