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    That's the funniest looking Proviron packaging ever, even in Asia it doesn't look as fake.
    Not saying it's fake
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    are they still working or? i had good experience with some of their products
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    Hello everyone. We are working in the same mode.
    Shipping to Europe only
    Delivery 5-7 days
    payment method BTC,WU,Money Gram.
    Departures from EU.

    SUSTOX is out of stock
    TESTOX E is out of stock
    TRENOX E is out of stock
    we will have these items in stock next week.

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    great to hear that bro..any plans for primo 200?
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    @PhxStore Check the email, I sent you a message yesterday:(
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    mail or message? on mail he replied to me right away yesterday
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    Hello!Yes, the plans include the release of highly concentrated drugs, including primo. Maybe it will be in the fall.
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    We answered you right away, Please check your email;)
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    Dear Friends, I don’t understand why, but our site is daily subjected to DDoS attacks.
    We work at 100% whenever possible.
    I ask you to be understanding if the site has been loading for a long time.
    I would advise the attacker that he would spend these resources on a good cause ..

    If you have problems visiting our website, you can place an order for our email:

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    great to hear that bro,keep us updated when new products come
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    TRENOX 3

    Each milliliter of TRENOX 3 contains:
    - trenbolone acetate 50mg

    - Trenbolone enanthate 100mg
    - Trenbolone
    hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50mg

    TRENOX 3.jpg
    Chromatography tests.png
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    Got these today. Will update when I try it.
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    We hope that you will be satisfied with our products and look forward to seeing you again.;)
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    Another interesting source to try. Lol I have so many to try these days...
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    It's very nice, we will be happy to help you:)
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    One of the better new EU domestic sources, quality is great and even better customer service
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    Each milliliter of PRIMOX E contains:
    - Methenolone enanthate 100 mg

    PRIMOX E.png