Police find steroids following traffic stop

Discussion in 'Steroid News Forum' started by master.on, Apr 2, 2017.

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    CdnGuy Awesome Member

    Yes those fucks pull this shit every day.
    That's why businessmen should always keep one of these. For the best lawyer in town ;)

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    AnTabolic73 Well-Known Member

    That's why people are recording cops now a days. If they have probable cause they don't need you to consent, they can just search. They only ask for consent when they don't have probable cause.

    I suggest recording them and make sure it saves to the cloud or lock your phone after. They'd probably delete it.
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    Hotrods12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah no shit, but that was an old life for me, I gave it up 5 years ago March 2, so know more lawyers for me:)
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    CdnGuy Awesome Member

    A year before the Trafficking "mandatory minimum" law changed. ;)
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    Hotrods12 Well-Known Member

    They are giving way harder punishment these days than they did in 2009 when I got caught. I like the person I have become today and would never go back to that lifestyle. Good luck to all that are trying to change there life for the better.

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