Primo/Var cycle

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    Lol it's not happened quite yet but we'll see. I would very much enjoy that side effect.
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    Problem is too in a few weeks when she starts her 2nd shift hours, I'll be working when she goes to work, and sleeping when she comes home :(
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    Just watch out for her, you know? Flip flop in motivation can come and go quickly. It comes with vengeance and leaves quickly.

    If she's not in a good place to do this right now, then it might be counterproductive to start. With new jobs and shift changes, stress is high. Add in restrictive diet rules, cutting drinking cold turkey, a feeling of obligation to training because of the substance in her body and the pressure of a coach and a boyfriend she really wants to impress...she could be in for a lot.
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    Her stress level is high for sure. I'm not here to need to be impressed and she knows that. She impresses me every single day. I don't expect anything of her except to be herself (which is why we fell in love so fast; she was never able to be herself with other people) but yes it won't be easy, but she won't quit. She'll handle it like the champ she is.
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    Just as a personal anecdote, this was a crazy past year for me. I started a new job, started dating again, started elementary school for my daughter (a learning curve for both her and in terms of activities, homework, learning to read/write/math). Previously, I lost 115lbs. I took time off my dieting, stuck to my training but did not push for PRs every a result, I was promoted, my kiddo is top of her class, I stuck to my routine, didn't gain weight back, met some nice guys...then got to the point where I was ready to take the AAS plunge. I have had incredible strength gain results because I'm making the most out of the cycle because I was ready for it. I had accomplished some goals other than fitness in prep to hyperfocus on my cycle.

    She's important. She needs compassion and consistency with herself. Motivation comes and goes, but routine and discipline is forced despite what goes around you. And in order to have the power to force yourself to push foreard, you have to be in a good headspace.
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    Yeah she's really excited about her new job. She really enjoys it. I hopefully will get a new one that I'm working towards which will give us everything we need. But you're right she definitely needs to be in the right headspace but having a solid routine to follow will help, as well as having her goals set. She's always "wanted" to be lean and mean, she's always "wanted" these things but it's these past few months that she's really worked towards her goals which makes me one proud man
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  7. Happycamper

    Happycamper Member intentions are good here but I see a few red flags:

    She started drinking recently.

    She hid her real weight from you.

    She isn't training properly because of work.

    You say things like 'champ' and 'proud man'. You're doing her log here, not her.

    Youve gone to shows and she uses competition lean women as comparison to herself (guilty of this all the time when I get overwhelmed).


    She's not ready, dude. Seriously. You're damaging her mental health and physical health by doing this now. Steriods are not a magic pill by which wants become realities. They are serious substances. Let her breathe with her new job. Let her settle in. Let her get her diet in check. Let her settle into routine with her training. Work on your approach with her.

    THEN start her cycle. She has a good base. Don't ruin it by rushing this unecessary substance.
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    She's still training. Daily. She's been eating well the past few months, but not enough food. She's trying to figure out how to eat what shes needs to eat while at work. And yes, I'm doing the log because she doesn't really care to. I'm doing this because there's hardly any information out there for women. I'll have her diet and training posted tomorrow. And no, she compared herself to one girl that she and her don't quite get along. I'm VERY well aware of the severity of AAS because I have lived it. I have fucked up. I have listened to wrong advice and taken WAY too much. Or the wrong substances. So don't patronize me about the severity of AAS because I'm fully aware. And yes she hid her weight from me why? Because she didn't want to tell me and me not to want her because of girls like the one she mentioned who called her fat (btw that girl weighs a whopping 100 pounds soaking wet) and guys in her past who have treated her like shit. So you can either follow the log and the progress she's making or unfollow it.
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    I apologize for upsetting you. I only wish her the best. :)
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    Girls looking good. I'm gonna post her diet/training tonight. She keeps pushing herself to failure on everything. I pushed her to get a few more sets/reps in last night which she needs, especially if she's going to do physique. Did chest/triceps last night. Pinned .25ml of Primo. No pip from the gear, but I still haven't QUITE figured out where to put it to be consistently painless (oh well, no pain no gain right?). We're doing shoulders tonight. May post a picture to give you guys an idea of where she is right now.
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    Sorry it took so long. Been off for the weekend for our anniversary. Anyway, here's the meal plan:
    C: 142
    Total cal: 1686
    Carb cycling so she'll be doing the following - 1 day full. 2nd day half carbs. 3rd day no carbs.


    Womens 1 a day

    Krill oil 2 with meal 1 &6

    Probiotic 1 with meal 1 &6

    Digestive enzymes 2 w/ meal 1&6

    Dim 200mg a day

    Green tea extract 2pills 1x a day

    Yohimbine 1 in the am


    clen 40mcg 7 days on 4 days off

    t3 12.5 mcg 3 days on 1 off

    Anavar 20 mg/day

    Primo 50mg/week

    Cardio :

    6x a week 20 min moderate intensity for now post workout

    2x a week hiit plyos 10min


    Lift 5x a week- no quads !







    So this is pretty much where we're at right now. She has definitely made improvements since we started. She's only going to get better from here for sure.
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    Excited for her to start this! Keep logging... wish she was here though.... 40mcg clen right off the bat... hope she does well with it. I can't go past 25mcg with clen otherwise I feel totally cracked out!

    How's the primo and var going so far?
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    Going great so far. No new sides. Just the little bit of oily hair. Little broken out but nothing tanning for a week wouldn't fix. Strength is up for sure. Can't wait to see what the 4 weeks on this diet will look like. Her goal is 6% body fat off in 4 weeks.
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    Oh.. Needless to say after yesterday. Clit sensitivity... lol
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    I appreciate you posting, corbin. I'm considering primo either adding to this cycle of var or alone in its own cycle. This is my first cycle ever though, so I'm a little hesitant to add anything to it, but on the other hand I've tolerated the var pretty well so far...I will be debating this for a week or so in my brain. Keep posting!!

    6% sounds like a lot, but your lady sounds motivated! :)
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    It sounded like a lot to me but I think she can do it. I wouldn't add anything to your first cycle. Hers was var and she got strong as shit. Granted in retrospec she probably shouldn't have taken it. I don't remember when we did that though. She might have still been dieting really well
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    Var only first cycle seems like the norm for ladies. Just like a test only cycle first for men.
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    She sounds so awesome. Thanks for the advice. Recently we took a "what drives you" test at work and my 2 drivers were 1. Be perfect and 2. Hurry up.

    SOML and a recipe for sometimes disaster!

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    [EDIT: Photo removed at OP request due to privacy concerns.]

    Okay best picture I could get from her today :p keep in mind I'm not only out angling her, but my arms are 18.5 inches (not huge but hers aren't MUCH smaller here)
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    She looks great!
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