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    Wtf Jesus
  2. JP1979

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    400mg for your TRT....?

    I think that's meant to read 200mg split twice a week?
  3. Apopkared

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    No you read it right. When I was diagnosed my test before TRT was 25. I had not done any cycles prior to that. My brother and dad had the same issues. So you can train as much you want eat healthy but you cannot escape your genes .
  4. Snipe_HNIC

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  5. Neewbiest guy

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    Are you going to take anything for the high Estradiol levels? Also do you think you'll give blood to lower your Hemocrit levels as well?
  6. Snipe_HNIC

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    It doesn’t look to concerning.
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  7. Neewbiest guy

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    OK just wondering what you guys think is a high enough level to start taking an AI? My pre-cycle bloods just can back and I'm at 30pg/mL currently as Im getting ready to start my first cycle. The range on my results say anything over 39 is high. I assume most would disagree?
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  8. Apopkared

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    I don’t start feeling sides till I hit 60. I crashed my e one time and will NEVER do that again. Felt like I was literally dying .I usually have to go over a gram to get numbers over 2500 and it’s just not worth pinning all that oil.. I donate blood every 6 months no matter what.
  9. Snipe_HNIC

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    Some people keep it low 18-25
    Some higher almost at 50. I personally like mine around 30-40
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  10. gunsrus

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    I've been as high as 80 and as low as 30. I couldn't tell which felt like what to be honest. Starting week 5 of current cycle and my estrodial was at 36 at start. I just now started taking 12.5mg of Asin last week EOD just for giggles. I just have to assume my estrodial is gonna come up. But I'm not getting any estrogen sides.
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  11. JP1979

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    Well. I would try different dosing with your TRT. 400 = 600, 800 = 1500 (I think I didn't relook at the labs)

    Have you ran all your binding protein labs?
  12. Harmswhey

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    I feel the same when estro is at 20 or 100.... crazy I never get any sides.
  13. I've run my estrogen up into 100's before and been perfectly fine, no sides whatsoever. I've also crashed the fuck out of it which was absolutely fucking horrible. I'll take high estrogen any day vs low.
  14. Snipe_HNIC

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    Running 800mg test a week and under 2k ng dl. I don’t get this can anyone else chime in this seem very very low to me?
    Have look at test but was the t 400 tested I will check
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Am I reading the pastebin correct? TPP AT 200 mg/ml. Anyone run that? How’s the PIP, any bite?
  16. gunsrus

    gunsrus Pristine Anabolics Representative

    Just recieved the tpp. I'll let you know once I pin it.
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    What all you running? I see you post a lot here about all the orders you received here from this source
  18. SpicyGains321

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    Disregard. I read TPP as NPP.
  19. gunsrus

    gunsrus Pristine Anabolics Representative

    Currently running (all Prissy):

    Test C
    With inj sdrol for the occasional pwo kicker

    Next cycle is gonna be:

    tren ace
    And MAYBE npp also.... not 100% sure about running npp AND tren at same time.

    I also carry prissy aromasin
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  20. MiaRage22

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    What are you dosing the TEST and NPP at?