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  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You got it. The legend himself. Lucky for him Sparta DM’d him with a sweet hookup so he played puppy dog and followed him over to SST. But when Sparta went MIA he scurried right back to Pristine and got burned again.

    Some dudes need to reconsider their lifestyle choices!
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  2. Domino23

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    Never used gemstone brotha. Pristine went MIA and I ended getting my pack about 6 weeks later after his "jail stint". And no I didn't get burned by pristine again, usps lost one of my packages which I paid to have resent. Oh and I got a handful of compounds tested, none of them were underdosed. And yes Sparta offered me a 20% discount after pristines first leave of absence, which I took. Never used him again after that so no I didn't come crawling back, I never left
  3. He probably got pinched guys.
  4. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Any reason you think that?
  5. jackmeoff1

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    I think this as well. He had a pack intercepted very recently and then suddenly goes MIA.
  6. This. Either he got pinched or when the pack got grabbed he bailed.
  7. bigrobbie

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    Here is where I'm concerned, I have a few vials of this guys test e a buddy very generously tossed me when he was still considered gtg...wonder if it's worth a fuck? Just curious. Guess I should consider having it tested?
    Just spitballing...
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  8. Temp account5

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    I’m fuckin tell u it was after stinkfinger got tht adex shit

    Another source also completely shut down after I told him and they were charged this is a WEBSITE that shit still has me turnt
  9. cochino

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    TD YEAH! Oops wrong thread.
  10. When he was rolling along good, everything seemed proper with his gear. i would just use it, going under the assumption that label claim is accurate, were it me.
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  11. TankDog

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    I've used at least 5 different products and I felt they were all on point. No bloodwork but the injectable superdrol was without a doubt legit. And I cruised on his test for months so I'm sure I would have known if I had no test in my system.....
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  12. Temp account5

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    Ya all his shit was good it’s why I used him he had a good source
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  13. bigrobbie

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    Thanks for feedback guys!
  14. TonyTwoPosts

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    There was a cop in Indiana who was arrested for Distribution of Steroids on November 28.
  15. Wrong state, from what i understand.
    The handle you chose made me laugh. i like it.
  16. chandlerjohnson3

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    Hey guys sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere but do you offer oral Anadrol? I seem drol under Dbol I wasn’t sure if that was superdrol or Anadrol you was referring
  17. B Ware

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    Yes, it’s on the list. Right under where it says ...
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  18. You need to read the last few pages.
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  19. chandlerjohnson3

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    Got it thanks guys
  20. Testtest123

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    QUES for former Pristine customers- What's your preferred domestic source since our boy disappeared?

    I've never had to make an account on Meso before, I've just creeped the forums and done transactions directly via email but now I'm looking for a new source and have to reach out to the veterans. I'm a permanent AAS user -- I'm a very consistent, reliable customer looking for a very consistent, reliable source.