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  1. Is he using heroin? There's no cut or filler in an injectable. This fat bastard of a source used half the amount of raw material that he was supposed to. Result: underdosed.
  2. Tiredandhot

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    So 5 full days? Supposed to inject 36 to 48 hours before when running longer esters if possible as most reference test levels around that time. Still may be low...
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  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Um. I’ll just point out that it doesn’t really matter at this point because... well, because fatass Prissy is simply gone... again.

    Now. More important, if anyone welcomes that fat lazy fuck back here by sending in an order after he blunders his way thru yet another excuse and apology, just remember all this shit before you prematurely blow your bitcoins all over the place in eager excitement.
  4. SmokeEater84

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    60-100 bro! So I’m still good
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  5. TankDog

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    I've been a member here since 2015 actually smart ass. My account was hacked I had to get another... But like I said your dumb ass comment showed u don't know shit about testosterone and esters so we're done here.
  6. TankDog

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    Well that's why your numbers were low wtf 5 days after last pin the half life of test e is 8 days so u only had 125mg in your system.... wowww cmon guys
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  7. nealcaffrey16

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    that's fucking absurdly low. smh my head.
  8. Snipe_HNIC

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    Liver values are fucked you taking any orals? any liver support??
  9. SmokeEater84

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    Yeah I should have pinned the day before. I’m still learning :D
  10. earthproTREN

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    you know the sad part is, that you are the only one that caught that, everyone else replied back saying "his shit is bunk" lol. I was going to say something but didn't
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  11. earthproTREN

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    ill take some test prop, and get blood drawn a week after last shot and post :p:p
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  12. Tiredandhot

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    Ok, like @BigBaldBeardGuy said, doesn't matter anymore. Can this thread disappear into the abyss, like Pristine did?
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  13. TankDog

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    It does matter cause some fucking idiot wants to try to act like idk what Im talking about when he's the fucking idiot. Normal protocol is 48hrs after last injection for test e.
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  14. Temp account5

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    No dumb dumb . Half life of test c is 8 ISH days and that means after 8 days half the drug is eliminated which means after 8 days-not 5 - there’s 150mg left which means he probably had a good 200 mg if not more so unless he’s a super low responder most likely it’s bunk

    it’s a HALFFFFFFFF LIFEEEEEEEE so after 8 more days that 150mg becomes 75. Jesus
  15. earthproTREN

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    no, ac
    No, actually half life of TEST E is 4.5 days, google it, smh
  16. Masterofron

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    Holy shit what the retardation. I can’t believe that someone’s fucking blood test is making everyone think this guy sold underdosed test...

    Whoever had the blood test, fuck your blood test. It proves nothing.
  17. Jswole220

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    There’s a difference between half-life and active half-life. Protocols for bloods are different on every forum. Shit on asf test e and c is 7 days after last pin. Without prior bloods from op on pharma test or test he had hplc tested bloods are just a very rough estimate at best. As far this lab goes y’all are crazy of he pops back up and y’all use him. I was going to rep for him on asf and he couldn’t even communicate with me In a timely manner. Last he told me was he would announce I was his rep shortly and then I never heard from him again. Two weeks later he disappeared from meso
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  18. Iron_Yuppie

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    Hi everyone. If you got screwed by Pristine and took up the generous offer from Gemstone please mosey on over to his thread and check out the pictures posted this evening. Floaters in his vials. So maybe hold off on pinning his shit. That is all.
  19. Sdryx

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    But he was @Domino23 ’s fuckin hero!!!!! :eek:

    God damnit. Now we need another hero to save us from that hero :confused:
  20. Iron_Yuppie

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    Wait, wasn’t he the dude who got scammed and then created a whole new thread begging for someone to bail him out? Or was that someone else?
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