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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You win the day dude!
  2. Claysario

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    Lmao, i talked to him nov. 17 last. He said it was cleared but guess not
  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Yea. He appears to be MIA yet again. Some guys are getting stuff and some guys are waiting.
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  4. Claysario

    Claysario Junior Member

    i only have one experience with him.
    His communication was very minimal but it went through. Well just have to see
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  5. Lordbrozz

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    Yeah me too, Fortunately I placed my order before all this and I had no problem, but it was the first time with this source
  6. Temp account5

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  7. TonyTwoPosts

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    If he was just one of the guys, the address would have been revealed at this point. This guy is a major thief and a cancer that needs to be done away with so to speak. Actions always speak louder than words.
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  8. yc24allday

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  9. Who would have thought that taking a rep position for an absentee source would end up like this?

    Shock factor: 0/10
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  10. Apexvallen

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    Yes I'm sure your BTC payment "went through". Why wouldn't it?
  11. TankDog

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    I placed an order a few days before black friday and I got it in like 10 days or so.... more than twice the normal t/a but it showed up....woulda posted sooner but took 2 weeks to get privilege to comment here.
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  12. yc24allday

    yc24allday Member

    Its really the Black Friday sale members that are worried.
  13. TankDog

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  14. getswole89

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    Bro how are those numbers acceptable when your on 600mg of test a week? My boy is running 300mg of test prop a week and tested over 2100 hahaha
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  15. TankDog

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    You're statement shows your lack of knowledge bud......
  16. yc24allday

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    The esters big dog it’s about the esters... I don’t want to explain it more like I can’t explain it ;) but your logic doesn’t make sense because of the esters if they were both using the same ester then it would be an issue
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  17. rpbb

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    I'm sure this dipshit of a source will pop back up again and ship the stuff. He's pulled this disappearing act several times. And why not, he disappears, eventually comes back, and the meatheads line up to buy again. I thought his test was crap anyways
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  18. Evil Angel 89

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    I just started using some Anavar I got from him a few months back and I swear the bag smells like my chocolate whey protein. I popped open A capsule and tasted the powder.. tastes like 5-star energy chocolate lol. Oh well.
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  19. Jurgen

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    Capsule filler is protein powder, doesn’t mean it’s bunk. Not sticking up for the guy just letting you know.

  20. Evil Angel 89

    Evil Angel 89 Member

    Really? Shit. I had no idea. Thanks for that information.