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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

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    What’s this?
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    Your post Wednesday, you said you know stuff that he planned on doing. You stated you know where he lives
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    Yeah but wasn't your pack from before the black Friday sale? If so, that's not the concern here. It's for orders during the sale.
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    EFABA33D-4D79-4A8C-9700-E542B72A723E.jpeg There ya go
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    Yes my order was placed and paid about a week before the Black Friday sale. Some of the guys in this thread asked for me to provide proof of order landing. Just wanted to do that for them
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    Lol we are clowns I guess now. He’s the one who chose to be a rep I mean understand he got fucked over too but if you can’t handle the heat of being a rep never shoulda been one in the first place.
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    See, here is were youre wrong.... I handled the "heat" just fine as his rep. I am not his rep now. Now youre just crying to someone who no longer has ANY way of helping you. Time to move on.

    Are you not understanding the context there? We shot the shit, we bullshitted, we talked as IF we were old friends...

    I dont fucking know him. I dont have his address. Are you that dense?

    I know i know, you were burned and you want someone to blame. i get it. Trenity is not here, so you choose me. Thats fine.. keep this going as long as you'd like. Hell even pretend i continue to reply to you!
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    Why don’t you move on I swear just a couple posts ago you said you were done with this thread why do you keep coming back? That’s fine if you can’t help anyone anymore. To call us clowns though okay you look more like the clown? Be a man of your word and don’t come back on this thread.
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    First off, anyone reading this, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS LAB!!!

    So at some point, whether @gunsrus approached @Trenity or vice versa, @gunsrus decided to spread his cheeks for some discounted / free gear. For a minute it felt good, but eventually @Trenity decided to creampie him and leave it where his farts make no noise. No one feels bad for ya, you bent over because gear was more important than being a member. Sorry, no take backs around here.
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    Lol and that ass is trying to play the victim the way I see it calling people clowns and all the sudden coming back from the dead to reply to people calling him out makes him look like a grade A bitch. He’s not a man can’t even keep his own word by not coming back on this thread. You sold your soul to be a rep..
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    Lol just go to Stanford he actually gives you stuff when you buy it.
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    Look man whether gunsrus knows shit it not leave it be. It won’t change anything.

    too much scramble over this thread for nothing.
    Move on you’re stressing yourself out for nothing
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    And thus the Tiggy/Prissy era ends - with a bang and a "frrt", respectively.
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    Welcome back. You missed all this! But yeah, they both started around the same time and they both finished around the same time too.
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  17. @santino101 are you able to get a ship date on your pack. I have a pm another member sent me that his pack landed and was shipped on the 2nd which is post Black Friday sale. Just hoping we see more packs land.
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    When did your friends pack land? and when did he place the order?
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    If packs are gonna land my guess is pris used the sale to re up and will come back with the excuse he lost his password etc

    then might close up shop and rebrand

    gotta be honest I don’t see the dude exit scamming... just some dumb shit like above

    either that or due to the lack of reviews here and asf ima day he didn’t have as many customers as he wanted so he decided it wasn’t worth it and pulled the plug.

    3rd scenario is LE is involved and that’s why ur receiving packs. Idk
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  20. Not a friend just another brother here on Meso. His was preblack Friday around the 21st I believe, shipped on the 2nd, and landed on the 5th.