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  1. Venroc

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    My order was placed around same time with no issues and extra gear that was owed.
  2. earthproTREN

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    I place my order on the 26th, pre black Friday, as of right now, I haven't received anything
  3. movingiron88

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    @gunsrus is just another lowlife bottom feeding rep. He just leached off Prissy and wanted to be his friend. He got played most likely and now wants to be a member again. That lowlife can go fuck himself.
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    Lol! It’s been a minute bro!!! You and @BigBaldBeardGuy are sure right. Good times/bad times, highs&lows that’s just how it goes sometimes... good to hear from you dude!
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  5. jaymaximus

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    I have a feeling dude over extended on the sales. He got way more volume than he could handle and probably found it too difficult to tell people they would have to wait or get refunded...especially if it's a lot of people


    During the sale (or pre sale) some real life shit popped up and he needed money fast. I think dude has like 7 kids, so one of em watches the Justice League and goes super man off the roof and you need a new spine for a kid. Spines ain't cheap, not the good ones!
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    Lol ya idk man I didn’t see this coming though
  7. Discodon

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    because he has ripped everyone off again
  8. B Ware

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    I fear we are about to see a lot more of these exit scams. The new law in China probably scared Prissy. I’m contemplating whether I should place an international China order atm because if my order isn’t shipped before Jan 1st it may never ship. Also, reading that some distributors are already announcing closures and going out of business sales has me worried that it will end like things did here. Id be very cautious sending money to China right now as you may just be throwing money away.

    Regardless why Prissy did it, he's a piece of shit and I hope karma comes back 10x on him. A simple, hey guys I’m having a going out of business sale would of been the right thing to do. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised though. He was a internet Anonymous drug dealer.
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    I used to order all my roids from China. Centrinolabs was decent stuff
  10. Sdryx

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    You will forever be his rep. See your title???

    You know where he lives and he’s holding onto people’s money. You are literally looking out for your guy over members here. Fuck you and your “I’m not a rep anymore” bullshit.

    How about you give up where he lives so that when he rebrands we can catch him... but you won’t... because your a rep and not a member.

    You’re the kind of guy that reps for a lab a couple months after dipping your toes onto an online forum. You just joined this board in June and you are already a rep! You jumped at the opportunity to be a drug dealer’s partner without any shred of discern as to who you are blindly “repping” for. You are the kind of guy that spends your free time chatting it up with your drug dealer partner. You are the kind of guy that pumps up a shitty source despite all the red flags.

    Get the fuck outta here with this I’m a member bullshit. You are a pusher of drugs. You are a rep.

    @Millard Baker this guy is a rep for life. He sold his soul being a drug dealer’s mule. He gets to keep this title he chose for himself. He is NOT a member of this board and his title must represent that.

    You made this bed and now you can sleep in it. This thread should be a lesson to all who read it.
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    weird flex that @gunsrus liked this post.
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    Couldn’t of been better said... @gunsrus you are a rat plain and simple
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  13. Hiltman

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    This happened before months ago so anyone that bought from this source and lost money... it helps to read up and do a little hw.
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  14. MiaRage22

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    Oh man, not again........
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  15. Claysario

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    Bloodwork for
    DHB 300/weekly
    Test E 600/weekly
    Asin 12.5mg EOD

    currently running all this gear with Pristine. This is the highest my results have ever been with any source. Will come back to Pristine for future purchases.

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  16. Brotato

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    lol no you won't, he did the irish exit
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    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

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  18. bolder

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    Thanks for posting your results man but You should really read this thread. At least the last 10 pages.
  19. Chmewy

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    Did you or read what’s going on
  20. yc24allday

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    Oh my goodness that post made my fucking day you ain’t buying shit from him no more