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    I love that they show the H as a “juice” to shoot lmao. MERICA!

    EDIT - that’s where I stopped, lol
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    The rest of it is just as bad. Few of the quotes:

    “Highly addictive”
    “More dangerous than cocaine or methamphetamine”.

    They also showed a needle discarded out in the woods, because those are the dark places us type of depraved people like to go to shoot up.
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    I will start of by simply saying I’m sorry. I feel a lot of the pushback I’ve received since I’ve been here has been self inflicted. I’m a pig headed young man and shouldn’t have proceeded in the abrasive know it all fashion I did. That’s my bad.

    Shit is changing with the way things are handled with aas. I see it happening on my end and actually using roids and being concerned I initially posted to generate a conversation about the consequences we will inevitably face. That never transpired.

    I was contacted earlier today by a member who’s words hold much credibility for me. He also works in LE. He informed me about the conversation taking place in the dynamite raws thread. He sent me a screenshot of a post made by biggerben69 about the tone/ninja turtle situation. He then went on to explain a scenario that he believes is behind the recent disappearance of AA and pristine as well as the unfortunate discovery of tgi’s operation.

    If you take a look at the bully labs bust you will see that it took place 2 weeks before the police found a reason to enter tgi’s residence. In the same VERY small town. Also note that the article doesn’t mention any identity information and say he is cooperating with LE to further the investigation. From the information I’ve been given AA and pristine tie into all this as well.

    That is why I was asking pristine location. I wanted to verify it was also in Texas.
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    Just remember kids.... 2EBB6C8E-8496-41A4-9CFC-2B087EA385C9.jpeg
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    And AA is also in Texas too. Hey this all adds up now!
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    AA also know as R&R also know as @daylighdriller
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    There's so many spelling/grammar/punctuation errors here, I'm not sure where to start....
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    So much for being up for a conversation...
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    You’re 1/3 wrong. Hey but that’s 2/3 right! Yay!!!
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    I’m definitely up to hear where I maybe wrong.

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    Ha. Oh I bet you would! But I’m not doing your work for you. You should already KNOW all that shit from your special investigation!

    If you want credibility here and all these guys to take you serious you’re the one that should be initiating this quid pro quo with something we don’t ALREADY know.

    And your “maybe wrong” should be “may be wrong”.
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    It’s obvious that regardless of what I say I’ll be meet with resistance. However I’m my opinion there are a lot of individual incidents and information that when combined paints a certain kind of outcome. I just feel that the community as a whole is scared of change, scared of paying more, or having no access at all scares the shit out of guys. So despite every bit of evidence pointing in one direction guys are ignoring the signs.
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    You haven't posted anything for a few weeks, then all of a sudden started today. I'm confused, what are you trying to accomplish?
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    Your “evidence” is wrong though so you’re connecting strings to pictures on your wall that don’t connect.

    You really believe Pristine was busted and didn’t just leave, AGAIN. He has an established history of that.

    There’s a scammer/blackmailer that’s been around for a year now. One of his tactics is to place a small order and list a federal building as the recipient. That’s happened. These busts might have absolutely nothing to do with LE.

    TGI was intoxicated and firing a gun inside his house at 7:07 on a Thursday. His driveway was covered in rubber tread like a 1/4 mile. The neighbors couldn’t wait to report the loud neighbor.

    It’s not that we are resistant of change, it’s that you are full of false, wrong, and misleading information.

    Any criminal activity has always been a game of cat and mouse. Law enforcement will figure it out but then the criminals adapt and change to avoid the “new” methods employed by LE. It’s always been that way and always will be.

    You on top of moonshining so that never occurs, right?. How about illegal gun sales? You guys seem to have a real good handle on that. The bad guys seem to be the ONLY ones that can get guns these days. I think Henry Hill has a lead on tax-free cigarettes coming in thru Teeterboro. Do your job and go get em. You’ll get that promotion.
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    I’m not trying to argue @BigBaldBeardGuy Like I said if I’m wrong I’d be happy to hear anyone out. I got most of the facts from my buddy and am trying to peice this thing together.

    I’d have to disagree about being resistant to change as well. I’m not the only person bringing this message. If you look around at the events taking place ie more busts than ever, domestic pack interception, and cooperating informants it is obvious FACT the landscape has changed. Yet meso members are refusing to to even acknowledge it.

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    No one is refusing to acknowledge it; most are just under the mindset of “sucks to be them, glad it wasn’t me!” and also live under the delusion of “they wouldn’t want a small timer like me.” We are all very aware of what’s going down, but until it hits home, it’s little concern to any of us. Sad reality.
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    More busts than ever? Toss up those year by year statistics to support your “fact”. I’m sure you don’t have that though. That’s not a FACT then, it’s a generality just like everything else you spit out.

    I’m sure the number of UGLs is at an all-time high though. So I could spit out a generality about that and say “Law enforcement is only able to bust a VERY SMALL number of the illegal labs and therefore they are ineffective”.
  18. Elroy hard at work:
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    I’d imagine that they’re more domestic sources as of late. I mean fuck we got one here now that uses syringe filters and sterile vials!!! :eek: They’re popping up all over the place! :confused:

    Hey I got a theory! What if the recent steroid sources are just fuckin tools? That just might do dumb shit or aren’t smart enough with their operation to stay under the radar? Possible right? :D

    Then you still have the everyday run of the mill scammers that rebrand and disappear just to do it over again down the road. Does that even happen bro...:p

    The thing is, change is the only thing that ever stays the same. Shit always changes and people always adapt to change! Just like the old saying goes ‘If there’s a will there’s a way’. Applies to this shit just the same.
    As long as there’s money to be made and there’s a demand for something then people will make it happen. o_O

    It’s a vicious cycle... :oops:
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