rana's first anavar cycle

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by rana kamal, Jun 17, 2016.

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    You're right...I was kind of an asshole. Real life makes it easier to think before you say.

    Sorry Rana. Btitkalami Arabi? Ana asfeh gidan.
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    No, i do not like cheese with my crackers :confused:
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    Wow look what the cat dragged in...Happy! Nice to see you back in your old ways and bullying others with your feminist approach that you can work as hard as men and even harder than them or anyone else. Koodos to you ;)

    If you read Rana post from the begining, then you'd understand better. And by the way, who made you God to judge people and be so nasty towards them? Just because you were here about 6 months ago as a newbie and now an expert? WOW! No need to be so rude, you were in the exact same spot... learning as a noob. Oh and let me remind you, you did post your share of pics too so don't be a hypocrite. Everyone is allowed to post progress pics... maybe not porn hub approved like some like to post to get attention and likes.

    Also, you fail to realize that we don't all have the exact same goals as you. ..not everyone wants to be a powerlifter or look like one. (Yes I said it again and I know that drives you bonkers but I go by the PL girls I see and know in my gyms). Although I know of one future PL and she's all about aesthetics but strong as ever, especially for her size and will kick ass when she competes. So just because some want the look, doesn't mean we don't train hard or lift heavy. We also don't all have the same stats as you that we all must do what Happy does. And truthfully, if you have all pieces in place and understand your nutritional/training needs and what it takes to achieve and crush your goals, just because for your body 1600 cals is starving, to others it is a great accomplishment and they do make great progress.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome and encouraged but you take such an asshole turn with it... I can do this, I can lift this, I am the greatest lifter bullshit. C'mon Happy, give your head a shake and maybe catch up on threads before you rip the new girls apart for your own pleasure as it makes you feel better about yourself.

    Finally, we are all here to learn from each other and pass on our own experiences as it may help someone else... and most importantly, those who log do it for the community support and to help themselves achieve their goals as it keeps them accountable as well as for future reference.

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    Happy, your own insecurities are shining through. ..

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    @rana kamal keep killing it girl! Look at this as motivation, not anything else! You need nobody's approval. There isn't a person who is perfect, so don't think you need to be.
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  6. Jesus Christ...you lost me after paragraph one with 7 fucking "I"s...

    And please continue to keep it "real" Vanilla Ice...

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    I'm catching up on this a little late.
    You've made a lot of progress, Rana. Keep up the good work.
    I would definitely drop the primo soon, if not now. Voice changes are pretty concerning.
    Crystal had mentioned primo is a long ester and it will take weeks to get out of your system. My concern would be that the deepening of the voice won't be reversible. The sooner you get off, the better.

    100 mgs of primo is crazy high, you're very petite. I'm running a 50 mg / week cycle of primo and I can see my voice being affected even at this dosage.

    I guess for next cycle, if there is one, try to keep the doses as small as possible.
    It's not about how fast you reach your goals at max doses, but finding the least amount of "juice" that will still give results.

    Anyway, good luck with the next couple of weeks. Being off cycle sucks for a little bit, but continue to push hard!
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    Actually i feel sorry for HC , it must suck going through life thinking your a victim cause of your gender. Really she is oppressed by her own negative narrow minded self pity.
    So fuck that Rana, you do you and let her fight her imaginary fight, i think your doin fine.
  9. Well said...

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    Keep posting them selfies. that's my 2 cents.
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    @rana kamal, where are you at? How have you been? I miss you. Not like youre thinking. I mean in a romantic way. Come back.
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    I hope you're well, Rana! Update us soon!
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    Hahaha i miss you too, well i started an off cycle log and will be updating there

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  14. rana kamal

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    I am all good, started an off cycle log and will be updating there

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    Come back :(
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    Awww how cute ;)
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    I'm on day 10 of only 5mg of var and have a very sore throat. I's this just a normal side or the beginning of a voice change? My voice sounds same just a bit scratchy like it would with any sore throat. Should I continue with the bar?
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