Some serious gh ?

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    MG and his 50 plus scoring gh will be blown out of the water very soon as the latest gh scam. He has been mixing in bunk kits with the good and they are testing as bunk. The noobs that can't get into the testing forums and can't post pay the price and are the first to get ripped off.
    The return of pacman/horizon to once again rip off the masses.
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    Water retention in my hands shows up within a week or so if my dose is high enough but most positive changes happen over months so its a slow boat for me.
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    We are now seeing MG serum test coming in at 15 hmmmm......
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    NEVER equate the side effects of ANY medication with it's efficacy, such a belief is bro lore pure and simple. Like any drug the effective therapeutic onset will vary considerably depending upon it's MOA, absorption and how readily the drugs effectiveness can be measured.

    Obviously the problem with GH even assuming it is pharm grade is there is set NO standard for ADULTS.

    Nonetheless demonstrable effects of GH therapy are typically seen as an improvement in LBM within the first 4-6 weeks, IME (Some may notice a change in as little as 2 weeks)
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    Sorry but what you have been told based on someone else's "bloods" is BULLSHIT.

    Excluding those pushing generic GH on PM no one is getting generic that has the quality of pharm grade for 1/8th of the price, MORE BULLSHIT!

    Each and every time I've challenged this "more for less" notion I've been proven correct. (Some would disagree considering the WB thread but to date I've seen one test MINE that was obviously conducted on what I still believe was a pharm or research grade product, sold to select veterans. And K has still NOT produced any legit analyses as he promised he would do) Moreover the latter RG products have totally unacceptable side effects)

    Let me see all this evidence fella, and I'm NOT talking about a narrative "blood" report, bc those are readily counterfeited. Otherwise believe as you wish BUT you are being scammed or at best getting exactly what you paid for, a lower grade generic GH product for less money. No more and no less, that's called economics 101 mate!
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    Who you selling that KoolAid to, LMAO!
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    Could be counterfeited... Anything could on the internet I guess. At the time being since I can't afford pharm grade I rather run generic get the same results for 1/10the of the price. But that's just me because I don't have 1000$ to spend on HGH every month. $240 for 200iu or $750-1000 for 108iu
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    If any trustworthy vet on Meso (and you fellas KNOW who I'm referring to and there are quite a few) can grab me a vial I'll get it tested for NOTHING.

    And you also know the tests won't be some concocted bro bullshit blood test either, MGs, TP, grays, blues, zebras, they are all generic and uniformly BUNK!
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    Yea but your NOT getting the same results and I know better fella OR are you overlooking the other AASs your running or have run?

    Or how about those supplements drinks, PED ancillaries, clen, T-3 and the the exercise routine you have discounted.

    You don't get more for less and NO VET ON THIS FORUM believes this line of bro BS, we have ALL BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, in one way or another and we KNOW BETTER!
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    Well there Ya go... When I am able to afford pharm HGH I'll take the plunge. Until then, I have plenty of plugs for generic HGH that I have confidence using. Thanks for your advice Dr Jim
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    I think it's pretty common to see generic testing higher than pharma. There is little quality, or in this case quantity, control with Chinese generic. If it's even legit - it can be dosed from 5-15iu per vial

    US pharma ALWAYS tests in the 20's cause it's ALWAYS 3.33mg per vial. Not the case with generics.

    A higher serum does not always mean better tho. Purity, toxins, and biological activity(right word?). Especially bio activity, is a determining factor in effectiveness
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    Rips are clearly overdosed. Been that way for years. KILLER GH for a reasonable price.
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  13. Dr JIM

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    If you have any NON BLOOD EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THAT I'd love to review it.
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    Well actually very few, if any, US patented rHGH is available in anything but a syringe/cartridge system. If your getting a US GH product in ampules they are almost always COUNTERFEITS.

    There should be NO DIFFERENCE in Biological Activity between Pharm grade products regardless of which country they are purchased in.

    The conversion of ONE MG/ THREE IU was established years ago by the WHO once rHGH was successfully manufactured

    What has happened however is "generic" manufacturers have bastardized this system of physiologic efficacy into something that has no meaning.

    They are selling their "GH" based of the combined weight of GH (if their is any) AND the adulterants, including amino acids, peptides, sugars, buffers etc which have been added.

    So a generic GH product that weighs 1mg will most certainly NOT have 3IU of BA!

    Consequently it's actually very RARE for a Generic GH product to test higher than a legit Ph grade product.

    What does happen is plants or shills are altering blood data or are using a pharm grade product proclaiming it was generic to move product!

    Stated another way it's a scam pure and simple!
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    Thanks for sheading light on this subject dr jim I hope someday to have the intelligence you have on pharmaceuticals.
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    Fair enough. I haven't actually done or seen the testing protocol take place in the instances I'm speaking so no way of knowing forsure.

    I'll still hold my ground tho. Maybe someday soon I'll have some of my own unbiased numbers to show you guys
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    LOL! Your blanket statements mean nothing to me "Dr".

    Saying all generics are bunk shows your obvious bias and lack of experience. =)
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  19. Yes, but you were asked if you had evidence to back up your statement that "Rips are clearly overdosed. Been that way for years. KILLER GH for a reasonable price."

    Your reply was an obvious attempt to evade the question. I'll ask again: Do you have data (not a blood test) to support your statement?
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    Oh come now HI you made the statement "Rips" were over dosed show me some proof!

    I have yet to find ONE generic GH product that delivers the quality which even remotely compares to Pharm grade rHGHG, and in that regard they ARE BUNK!

    Oh and the answer to your question is YES I have tested several Generic GH products and they are TRASH especially compared to Ph grade.
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