Some serious gh ?

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  1. Just, remove the identifying information and post them right here. Millard reporting the summary won't prove anything - we need to see the tests themselves.

    I won't argue that point because it's not possible to prove a negative.
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  2. heavyiron

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    Sounds good on the labs.

    Dr. Jim could provide proof generics are bunk. Maybe not all generics but then he would need to amend his statement to "some generics are bunk". Then he and I would agree. But lets be honest. To say all generics are bunk is foolish.
  3. Dr JIM

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    I can certainly say there is NO GENERIC that has proven it's quality esp compared to Ph grade. (Now that's an economic fact whether you choose to believe it or not.)

    Your in a no win situation defending an illegitimate product and the same applies to
    AAS should you choose that venue.

    But there is ONE HUGE difference (compared to AAS), the process of rHGH production is so complex how anyone could believe they are receiving anything more than a proportionally diluted (on a monetary scale) Ph grade product is asinine.

    But you said RIPS are overdosed do you have any evidence exclusive o bloods that are easily counterfeited NOT! (Something "DOCTORS offices" have no REASON to do!)

    But I do have analytical data that proves generics are GARBAGE. Can you show me one APPROVED generic GH lab HI, NOT.

    Have you ever visited such a "generic" GH facility NOT,

    Have you ever performed ANY analytical tests on these "RIPs" Heavy? Do you KNOW what's contained in them vials or do you not care as long as it "makes the hands swell"? NOT

    Do you have a vested interest in "generic GH sales"? It certainly seems that way!
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  4. Dr JIM

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    Perhaps you should investigate the meaning of generic drugs HEAVY bc I stand by my statement!

    Because there is NO GENERIC manufacturer of GH all are using diluted PH grade GH!

    Prove me wrong Heavy show me any evidence generic GH producers even exist! They are ONLY stepping on Pharm grade GH, period!

    Heavy it won't matter what I post you will say there is always another "generic" I've not tested which YOU contend is GTG.
    (In other words NO ONE can prove a NEGATIVE Heavy and YOU SHOULD know that)

    The difference is obvious IMO, I have no vested interest in GENERIC GH sales and you do!
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  5. heavyiron

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    LIke I said, I'm fine giving Millard access to my unaltered labs (blood work). They are not counterfeit labs at all.

    Do you know why GH is so expensive in the USA? Its not due to the process to make it but rather because big pharma is marking it up beyond what is reasonable.

    Show me all the testing you have done on GH to support your statement that all generics are bunk.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Oh yea now it's "Big Pharmas" fault, try someone else with your conspiracy theories to promote sales, but statements of that nature make it clear you have NO IDEA about the costs involved in GH production.

    You want to push this crap on unsuspecting mates fine, enjoy the bank ride!

  7. Dr JIM

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    I will start by posting ONE generic GH analytical test Heavy!

    Then YOU most post another comparable NON-Blood test or we're wasting time, bc I'm not willing to compare apples (blood assays) to oranges (HPLCs / MS) like you would like to do!
  8. heavyiron

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    omg you should be a professional troll. 1 lab result equals "all generics are bunk".
  9. Dr JIM

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    Did you READ my post H not! You want to sales games while I am willing to compare legit data.

    So once again I will post my FIRST analyses out of MANY but you must follow with one of your own tests performed by an ANALYTICAL LAB.

    Included would be tests such as a HPLC, MS, PEPTIDE FRAGMENTATION, Protein Electrophoresis, Amino Acid Analysis etc.

    And I'm not referring to "BLOODS" fella!

    But what is the real problem?

    You have NEVER really performed ANY analytical studies on this generic BUNK you claim is so extraordinary HAVE YOU ! NOT

    HEY U ever going to answer ANY of the questions I posed earlier, NO WAY, bc doing so would sink your proverbial "generic GH" sales ship!
  10. heavyiron

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    Haha, I never used the word extraordinary. Straw man much?

    I have posted blood work on USA pharmacy GH too. Am I a pharm GH salesman too? LOL at all the ridiculous assumptions. I use GH.

    I look forward to all you mass spec results showing all generics are bunk.
  11. heavyiron

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    IF I knew a legit lab in the USA that would test these items I would definitely be up for the testing. In the meantime I will rely on what tools I have.
  12. Dr JIM

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    Oh, enough said!

    And how about you answer those questions I posed?

    The answer to those questions is exactly why GH should be subjected to even MORE scrutiny than AAS and that means analytical and biologic testing.

    That is the existing rHGH pharmaceutical standard and 'GENERICS" should be NO DIFFERENT

    Why people don't grasp that concept is telling IMO, a VESTED INTEREST in NOT testing pure and simple!

    Good luck selling your GH on Meso, bc rest assured it WILL be tested eventually.
  13. heavyiron

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    Im not selling gh.

    What questions have I not answered?

    btw, how many generics have you tested exactly? Where are the results?

    You said all generics are bunk. Prove it.
  14. Pericles

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    It is true, most generic GH on the black market are fake. Only buy if there are labs to back it up. B serum, igf-1, and mass specs.

    As is usual, we have another good topic that turns into a MESO pissing match before the end of the first page. Here is the truth: The grey tops from HK (and 99% sure TP has the same) have been scoring @ 30-35 on blood serum tests. BS are hardly the best measure, but when 8-10 come back consistently between those numbers it does mean that probably you have strong GH. IGF-1 is still, IMO, the best measure (I know HPCL is becoming the standard but right now I prefer IGF-1). I will be getting IGF-1's on the grey tops in a couple of months. I currently run Chinese generics that score between 21-23 ng's/bs.

    Personally, IMO, I think that if you are young and have good natural GH production you should save your money. If you are young, then you have to run fairly large amounts to see good results above and beyond your natural production. If you are young and getting on stage, then yes, run 5 iu's a day.

    If you are like me, and have very low natural production of GH, then Chinese generics are the way to go. Only run enough (3-4 iu's e3d, or 1.5-2) to move your IGF-1 results to high normal. Low GH increases odds of getting cancer, high GH prevents cancer.

    You will be on replacement levels of GH for life. The price of Chinese generics make that possible. Furthermore, at low doses sides either are, or will become minimal.
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  15. Pericles

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    The welts are from high PH, most likely.
  16. Pericles

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    How old are you? I ask, because you can achieve your goals w/ out using GH.

    My avatar is me on stage, and I used absolutely no GH at all. Regular gear, a gorilla in the gym, and a rat on a treadmill. I was 32, had been training for 19 years, and using gear for only 2.5 years.
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    You also ask how old he is because you want his dick in your mouth... what's the matter- no boards want you around so slumming at meso again there fag boy?
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  18. It's called demanding more support from an argument than someone's say so.

    Or you just have something that raises serum GH.

    HPLC isn't becoming the standard, PC, it's always been the standard because it's the only way to estimate quantity and quantity.

    The fact that you peddle that bunk garbage wouldn't have anything to do with that opinion, would it PC?:rolleyes:

    The price of Chinese generics *convinces* those who are desperate to find an affordable way to use GH BELIEVE it's possible to get cheap GH.

  19. Pericles

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    I have had good results for myself and others using Chinese GH. That is from the ones from China (b. serum 23) through D, the owner of Bio (not Stretch). He has me get them directly from China in order to compete with HK. Like I said, the grey tops seem very good. OP should try them if he can contact HK. I am about to run some HK GH.

    I don't sell on the internet, I was directing the OP to the right place. I recommended to him either HK or TP. Actually, I recommend that he does not need GH if he is young. I don't believe that anyone below 30 w/ healthy natural GH really needs GH. I also am against anyone under 25 running gear.

    OP, you do realize that you have not really gotten any good guidance here on MESO. This forum is a cancer (although Millard is a good guy) no one really accomplished anything here. Guys like Brutus like to run his mouth, as do others, and they would never say anything to my face. His need to talk about cocks and boys and mouths which is quite disturbing.

    Go over to TID or PM. Be careful, PM is full of very shady sources that are protected because they pay for it. The site is also purportedly on the radar of LE. Once people recognize you are serious, they will help.

    But like I said earlier, you seem young. What is your training/diet like? What are your goals? Why do you feel the need to run GH.

    Post up an answer to my questions and I will help you. Be warned, however, in situations like this my advice is usually to get training and everything else on point. I don't sell steroids, but I do sell training customized training programs.

    I trained naturally for 17 years before touching gear.
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    Geez what did I miss? I thought Pericles was a long time member here etc ? I dont agree re "generic" gh but I agree with the rest of his post. Again I must have missed something???
    and Perciles directing others to other forums ? Yeah I def missed something...